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"The Final Verdict"

The Final VerdictThe Final Verdict was a 26 part television programme produced as a partnership between the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). It was produced in the form of a documentary-drama to enhance its informative and entertainment potential.

This television programme was part of the first phase of the department’s five-year communication strategy, which seeked to educate the public regarding the values contained in the Constitution, the process of accessing justice services, court processes and the criminal justice system in general.

This show is based on real cases which have already been finalised through the normal court process. It is a re-enactment of those concluded cases ranging from small claims to equality and labour cases. It is envisaged that through the re-enactment of such cases, viewers will better understand the various pieces of legislation that protect their rights, court processes, and the value chain of the Criminal Justice System.

It looks at the current issues affecting citizens in their daily lives and also brings educational aspects of the legal system to issues such as xenophobia, muthi-killings, ukuthwala etcetera.

The television programme started broadcasting on 04 June 2011, Saturday, SABC 2, 11H30 and will continue every Saturday at the same time until 3 December 2011. SABC 2 broadcast repeats of "The Final Verdict" every Thursday night, at 22h00 (22h00-22h30).

Full episodes on our YouTube channel:

This series was nominated for Best Factual Educational Entertainment Programme (Final Verdict - Carol Bouwer Productions) in the 7th Annual SAFTAs (SAFTA 2013).