Date:            99/10/04

Knowing that here in America we don't endure all the hardships of those in South Africa, it makes me feel that I have been spoiled by all the royalties we recieve, and the pain you endure. Knowing that I haven't done anything to help, but just read about it, it makes me fell guilty.

Julian Gray, U.S.A.
Date:            99/10/04

the apartheid was made to seperate the black and the whites while the TRC was to bring the country together and to forgive and forget

Mark Garnick, San Mateo, U.S.A

Date:            99/10/04

I am JOsephine Winnefred! And I believe all people should be "equal".
South Africa has now overcome Apartheid! So, I am jumping on my sofa with joy!
I am so happy! You would not believe it! :)
Stop the beatings! Stop the violence! INcrease the Peace!
Come on man, if not for yourslef, then for mankind!
Thank you
With all love for south africa,

Josephine Winnefred, Ca. USA
Date:            99/10/04

I am a 13 year old and in 9th grade. I am learning about South Africa and the TRC. I find this topic very interesting....but also very scary in a way.
It is amazing to me that there were so many human beings being treated so badly, not too long ago!
I find it very terrible, but it is something we cannot deny in our history and it should be taught to everyone.

Aaron Wells, California, USA

Date:            99/09/23

Ask any white South African what they have had to sacrifice to bring the peace that we have now in South Africa. No, not a perfect peace, but a peace that as little as 10 years ago seemed unimaginable. In most cases the answer will be a resounding nothing. People may claim otherwise, but the truth is that most white South Africans have given nothing in exchange for more even than they could imagine.

Surely the time is right to stare this truth, and the truth of our countries past, in the face.

I commit myself, and call on others to do the same, to do all that I can to bring about reconciliation in the land I need to be able to call my home. Whether it's making the effort to go to places and meet people I have been divided from, whether it's organising events that bring others together, whether it's giving up luxuries and unecessary comforts in order to give money to people who need it more, or whether it's directing my work towards areas that benefit the long term future of our country and it's children, I hereby make that committment.

The time to sacrifice is now - let us not be the ones who have to admit that even when given the opportunity to contribute to peace and a future based on the values we believe in, we still failed to do what we know we must.

I challenge myself, and all of us, to act while we have the chance.

Richard Smith, Johannesburg, South Africa

Date:            99/09/23

As a South African I would like to thank all those involved in the Commision for the amazing work they have put in so far and continue to do. I firmly believe this commision has begun to bring a semblance of truth, justice and humanity to our soceity. Thank you for all you done.

Paul Oosthuizen, Benoni, South Africa

Date:            99/09/21

I hold the work of the TRC to be the hope of all of the world for a full  expression of being able to be fully human in all of its true meaning.

Anne Nelligan, Arlington, USA

Date:            99/09/18

I lived in Tokai, Cape Town for the first 14 years of my life, between 1975-1989.  During the time in my childhood, my experience in South Africa as an English person in school was very hard and they were difficult days.  I deeply regret that during my time in South Africa that I did not oppose the system of racism and stood up for what was right.  I had been so brainwashed by white society to think that the situation in South Africa under apartheid was a normal and acceptable way of life. 

Things have changed for the better and I hope that South Africa will be healed of its past.

Robert Taylor, Gloucester, England

Date:            99/10/05

I am a High School student from the USA and have been studying South Africa and the TRC in History.  I am very interested and find it miraculous that so many people can find it in their hearts to forgive the things people have done to them and their families and friends.  It is so wonderful how a country can make peace by forgiving such awful things others have done.  I just wanted to say what a wonderful project the TRC is.

anon, USA 

Date:            99/10/05

I am a student currently at Hillsdale high school in  San Mateo, California in USA.  I have been reading &
studying about TRC hearings.  My personal perspective on the the idea is its a great idea.  However I don't think that the murderers should go scott free.  why don't they let them just get a jail sentence reduction. 

 South Africa was under apartheid and that was completely wrong.  I can't imagine what it was like for African people to live during that time.  It so courageous for people to live and survive to live during it and ultimately see the end of it.  I'd like to thank all the survivors of South Africa for showing all the people of the world that
in this day and age a nation can still start from scratch and survive.  My condolences to all the familys that have
had a family member die because of racial segragation.  To anybody that reads this please write me on your thoughts at

Jeremy Quon, California, U.S.A

Date:            99/10/20

As an educated, white male South African, I was a direct beneficiary of the system of Apartheid. I apologize to my fellow black South Africans for the system and the fact that in hind-site, I did not do sufficient to hasten the demise of the system.

P.S.I also believe that this register needs to receive more publicity - I am  sure more people would sign it if they
were aware of its existance.

Peter G Fenton, Fairfield, Iowa, USA