DURBAN November 4 1996 Sapa


Truth and Reconciliation Commission chairman Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Monday rebuked National Party leader F W de Klerk and Western Cape premier Hernus Kriel for their criticism of the commission's objectivity, saying they should both "shut up".

Referring to the revelations of the NP government's possible knowledge of gross human rights violations, Tutu said in Durban: "If we look at what came out last week I might want to suggest to people like Mr de klerk and Hernus Kriel that they would do better to be slightly more humble and penatenant and perhaps better still to shup up."

Tutu also said the commission was in danger of becoming a witch-hunt that was targeting perpertrators only on one side of the apartheid conflict.

He said the commission was in limbo while waiting for the ANC to decide finally whether its members involved in "justifable acts of war" should apply for amnesty.

He also repeated his earlier threat to resign should the ANC decide to support Mpumalanga premier Mathew Phosa's view that ANC members involved in the "just war" against apartheid had no need to apply for amnesty.

South African Press Association, 1996
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