CAPE TOWN August 22 1996 Sapa


The ANC executed at least 34 of its cadres for mutiny, murder and rape in Angola between 1980 and 1989, Deputy President Thabo Mbeki told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Thursday.

A list of the names of those who were executed by order of the ANC's military tribunal was provided in the party's 100-page writtensubmission to the commission.

Mbeki told the seven-member panel of the Truth Commission chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu that the ANC had to deal with instances of mutiny.

"Like all other armies, MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe) had rules about dealing with mutineers," the submission said.

A serious mutiny broke out in Pango in 1984 with the mutineers using machine-guns and other heavy weapons to kill the camp commanders and other soldiers.

"This mutiny had to be suppressed mercilessly," the submission said.

A military tribunal was set up by the ANC's national executive committee and two groups of mutineers were tried.

Seven who shot officers and other cadres were given the death penalty.

None of the second group of eight were executed, "despite the fact that one of the mutineers had hunted down wounded cadres the morning after the mutiny began, finishing them off".

The ANC released him but the mutineer later murdered a Tanzanian citizen and was imprisoned in that country.

There were also isolated cases in which recruits were executed after they were tried and convicted of crimes such as raping and murdering local villagers.

Thabo Makhubethe (alias Ruphus Maphalie) was found guilty of raping an Angolan woman. A military tribunal ordered that he be executed by firing squad. The sentence was carried out in 1984 in Luanda.

In another case, Josiah Malhobane (alias Shaka Dumakude) and Jeremiah Maleka (Zweni Mdingi) indulged in heavy drinking in Milange and neglected important assignments.

"In a drunken state they randomly shot at shoppers at a local market, killing two Angolan women and seriously injuring another woman and child."

They too were executed by firing squad in 1989 at Milange, the submission said.

South African Press Association, 1996
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