DAY : 3

--------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAIRPERSON: ... by Advocate M J Lassink and Mr P Falconer. The Evidence Leader is Mr Mpshe.

I understand that as in the previous matters, the applicant was in fact in prison at Waterval, Utrecht and was therefore not available for consultation till he was brought down here today, is that the position?

MR FALCONER: That is correct, Mr Chairman.

CHAIRPERSON: And that it is as a result of the consultation you have managed with him this morning, it has become necessary for you to consult with other possible witnesses, I don't put them higher than possible or certainly other sources of information and perhaps to prepare an amended or amplified affidavit.

MR FALCONER: That is correct, Mr Chairman, it would be more of a supplementary affidavit, if necessary.

CHAIRPERSON: And you have requested us that the matter should be adjourned. There is a Committee sitting in Durban and we have what appear to be two short matters set down for Wednesday of next week. I propose to adjourn this matter until Wednesday. I will warn you here though that if it's not heard on Wednesday it may have to stand over to Thursday or till Friday. We will certainly endeavour to dispose of it next week but I don't propose to adjourn it till the Monday because I think you should be given the time to prepare, rather than have to rush through it again. Would that suit you?

MR FALCONER: That would suite me, Mr Chairman, I appreciate it. Mr Mpshe, do you have any problems with that?

ADV MPSHE: No problems, Mr Chairman, thank you.

CHAIRPERSON: I would request the authorities, the Correctional Supervision authorities, to make arrangements that the applicant remains at Westville Prison until the hearing is concluded next week so that he will be available for consultations with his legal advisors. Sorry, I've just realised that the applicant has not had earphones on, does he speak English?

MR FALCONER: Mr Chairman, he does understand English fairly well.

CHAIRPERSON: Do you understand that your matter is adjourned until next Wednesday?

APPLICANT: ...[inaudible]

CHAIRPERSON: Very well. Well that concludes the hearings set down for this week, precisely nil.