Current Investigations

The following projects on the Commission's programme are currently receiving attention:

Project Title Contact


Statute law: The establishment of a permanently simplified, coherent and generally accessible statute book


  • Statutory law revision: Redundancy, obsoleteness and constitutionality of legislation

Project coordinator:
Pierre van Wyk

        Legislation administered by:  
    • Department of Correctional Services (DCS)
    • DOJCD One (Legislation on the legal professions, courts and institutions, civil procedure and evidence, substantive civil law, wills, estates and insolvency, constitutional and political legislation)
Veruksha Bhana
    • DOJCD Four (The Transkei Penal Code)
    • Department of State Security (DSS)
Simon Maphanga
    • Department of Basic Education (DBE)
    • Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (DCGTA)
    • Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
    • Department of Human Settlements (DHS)
    • Department of Labour (DOL)
    • National Treasury (Legislation other than tax legislation)
    • National Treasury (Tax legislation)
    • Department of Public Works (DPW)
    • Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR)
Linda Mngoma
    • Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA)
    • Department of Police (DOP)
Aura Mngqibisa
    • Department of Communications (DOC)
    • Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
    • Department of Defence and Military Veterans (DOD)
    • Department of Tourism (DT)
    • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
    • Department of Water Affairs (DWA)
Maureen Moloi
    • DOJCD Two (Legislation on family law and marriage)
    • Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)
    • Department of Social Development (DSD)
Tania Prinsloo
    • Department of Arts and Culture (DAC)
Lowesa Roberts
    • DOJCD Three (Legislation on criminal procedure)
Willie van Vuuren
    • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)
    • Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)
Pierre van Wyk
    • Department of Health (DOH)
    • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)
    • Department of Transport (DOT)
Ronel van Zyl
    • Review of the Interpretation Act
Pierre van Wyk



Ananda Louw


Family law and the law of persons

  • Custody of and access to minor children
  • Review of aspects of matrimonial property law
  • Hindu marriages
  • Review of the law of maintenance


Ananda Louw
Anna-Marie Havenga
Maureen Moloi
Jennifer Joni


Sexual offences

  • Adult prostitution
  • Pornography and children


Dellene Clark


Assisted decision-making

Anna-Marie Havenga


Prescription periods

Theresa Häderli


Review of the law of evidence

  • Hearsay and relevance
  • Cyber crime

Willie van Vuuren


Review of administration orders

Lowesa Roberts


Administration of estates

To be assigned


Review of witchcraft legislation

Jennifer Joni


Multi-disciplinary legal practices

To be assigned


Expungement of certain criminal records

Willie van Vuuren


The practice of ukuthwala

Maite Modiba


Updated: 2013.08.20