The objects of the South African Law Reform Commission are to do research with reference to all branches of the law in order to make recommendations to Government for the development, improvement, modernisation or reform of the law. The Commission investigates matters appearing on a programme approved by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development. Reports and other documents published by the Commission are made available on the Commission's website for general information.

Kindly note that the Commission is not in a position to give legal advice to members of the public.

What's New

2023.11.17: Invitation to attend a virtual workshop (4, 6 or 7 Dec 2023), on Discussion Paper 160 on the Review of Aspects of Matrimonial Property Law (Project 100E), 17 November 2023

2023.10.19: Issue Paper 43 and Media Statement on the release of Issue Paper 43 – Review of Colonial and Apartheid Era Legislation administered by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (Project 149). Closing date for comments: 15 January 2024

2023.10.05: SALRC Legal Essay Writing Competition for 2024. Closing date: 29 Feb 2024.

2023.10.05: SALRC 2022/2023 Annual Report

2023.09.29: Discussion Paper 160 and Media Statement, Project 100E: Review of aspects of Matrimonial Property Law. Closing date for comment extended: 30 November 2023

2023.09.13: Report and Media Statement on Project 143: Investigation into maternity and parental benefits for self-employed workers in the informal economy






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