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The reasons for joining SAC-IAWJ are numerous.

The South African Chapter has vigorously embraced the perspective that as judicial officers, men and women, we are in a uniquely privileged positon to ensure equality before the law and access to justice for all and to influence the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. The South African Chapter has, in the very short time it has been in existence, done much to promote these ideals.  We have dedicated ourselves to building public confidence in the judiciary, both at the Lower Court as well as at Higher Court levels.

From the latest IAWJ news the newly appointed Executive Director, Lisa L. Davis, says “Having witnessed the justice systems in over 30 countries and personally worked to promote rights through law reform and courts, I believe that IAWJ possesses something very special: a uniquely powerful mission and an influential membership that can definitively bring about equality and fairness for women and girls.”

Join us to become a part of the network of judicial officers around the world who empower women so that day to day problems of women and children can be properly resolved through judicial systems. Individually, we can achieve positive results on a case by case basis. Collectively, we can ensure equal justice for all everywhere. There is no more effective way to do this than through involvement in the work and membership of IAWJ.

Become a Member:


It was resolved during the 2012 AGM held in Port Elizabeth and during the 2013 AGM held in Durban that each registered member of the South African Chapter of Women Judges (SAC-IAWJ) must pay a R200-00 (two hundred rand) fee at the beginning of every year to cover the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ), the International Body’s subscription dues.

For any queries or further information, you are welcome to email or call Mrs. E Du Toit, Treasurer, SAC- IAWJ on Tel: (021) 950 7701.