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Rules Board: Invitations to Comment

Invitation for comment on proposed new E-rules and amendments to the Uniform and Magistrates' Courts Rules for the Electronic Civil Justice System

The Rules Board for Courts of Law (Rules Board) has considered that the benefits of technology should be utilized and incorporated into the Civil Justice System to improve the efficiency of our courts and the processes of litigation which would optimally utilize resources and enhance access to justice for users of the Civil Justice System. Read more.

As part of its consultative process in rule amendment, making and development, the Rules Board invites your comments on the following sets of draft rules which accompany this letter:
(a) E-Rules and certain amended rules for the High Court (Annexure A)
(b) E-Rules and certain amended rules for the Magistrates’ Courts (Annexure B)

Comments must be submitted on or before Friday, 14 May 2021 and may be delivered to the Secretariat of the Rules Board in any of the following ways:

Dated: 10 March 2021