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  • Justice@Work Newsletter, 2019-2020, Vol 03 [2.47mb]

    When you’re within the employ of the public service, you often hear about the principles of Batho Pele and the message is often echoed on how we, as public servants, ought to bring these principles to life in order to ensure that we give members of the public the best service they deserve.

    Equally so, Batho Pele also refers to those who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that dispensing these services to the public is not compromised, even if it has to cost them personally. Justice@Work brings you some heart-warming stories of our own officials who continue to dispense exceptional
    service to the people.

    Read more about the KwaZulu-Natal court manager from Harding Magistrate’s Court who, after her province was severely affected by drought, took her own initiative of physically fetching water from the nearby river, every morning, to ensure that there was enough water for daily survival and the court isn’t forced to shut down.

    • p 03 KZN’S Ms Nodola, A True Public Servant
    • p 05 Galeshewe Court provides stellar service to the Public
    • p 0 7 Ms Kgomo, A Life saver for Galeshewe Dwellers
    • p 09 NC soup kitchen, a great initiative for Access to Justice
    • p 11 Court intermediary goes an extra mile in making a difference
    • p 13 Therapeutic space for Dewetsdorp Court



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