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Justice at WorkJustice@Work Newsletter, 2020-2021, Vol 02 [2.13mb]
Shining stars recognition.

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that the country is moving from lockdown level 3 to level 1, a move that is welcomed by many as it continues to strike a balance between reviving the economy as well as saving lives. This takes place as the first COVID-19 case was reported in South Africa in exactly a year ago.

Government has since taken this step after considering various factors, including the provision of COVID-19 vaccines which is gradually being made available to South Africans, starting with frontline/essential workforce. In realising this, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, in his recent Budget Vote Speech, announced a R10 billion injection for the purchase and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in the next financial year, a move which gives more hope that the fight against the virus is being prioritised.

Given all these efforts, the work of government continues as people in South Africa need services during this difficult time more than before. As one of the departments providing essential services, Justice is expected to move a step further to ensure that such services are disbursed effectively.

In this Justice@Work COVID-19 special edition, we acknowledge and recognise our officials who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during various stages of the national lockdown.

As the Coronavirus brought new challenges and dynamics to the working environment, some of our officials have never taken a break, they have been holding the fort since then, hence the acknowledgement.

Of particular interest is one court manager from Flagstaff, Eastern Cape, who has constantly ensured that not only his court followed COVID-19 regulations whilst serving the public and stakeholders in his busy court at all times, but recorded zero infections to date. Do you want to know how he has achieved that? We have all the answers in this edition.

In another front, hearing court cases virtually is gradually becoming a norm in the Department as COVID-19 has now taught us to find new innovative ways of doing things. Hearing court cases virtually does not only save time and costs, but also ease the logistics of moving around. Read more about one of the KwaZulu-Natal courts which recently heard its first virtual criminal trial successfully.

We are, once again, reminded that we should continue to exercise caution and follow COVID-19 regulations, wash our hands, sanitise, maintain social distancing and regularly wear our mask. A listening nation is a winning nation.


  • p 03 Justice recognises its shining stars during COVID-19 hard lockdown
  • p 04 Flagstaff Court sticks to COVID-19 regulations, records zero infections
  • p 06 KZN region hears its first criminal trial virtually
  • p 07 He is serving with passion
  • p 09 A shining star uses radio to reach the public during COVID-19
  • p 11 Meet Mr Seoloana, an intermediary with passion


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