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joaThe Justice on the Airwaves (JOA) radio programme officially starts on
September 2011. The radio programme is produced as a partnership between the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJ&CD) and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). This partnership is informed by a shared mandate to educate the public on civil related matters, with the view of improving their lives and assisting them to make informed decisions. 

The JOA programme, which will be broadcast in 11 official languages across the country, is intended to educate the public about the values contained in the Constitution, rights and responsibilities as well as the process of accessing justice services.

Topics to be covered are as follows:

Week 1             Overview of the DOJ&CD         
Week 2             Maintenance (Application/enquiry/mediation)
Week 3             Maintenance (Granting of an order)
Week 4             Maintenance (Payment)
Week 5             Maintenance (Procedure (in an instance where a respondent doesn’t pay)
Week 6             Maintenance (Maintenance Investigators/Sheriffs (how do they function)
Week 7             Family Advocate (international abduction of Children)
Week 8             The functioning of the Small Claims Court
Week 9             Master’s Office (Overview of the Master’s Services)
Week 10           Master’s Office (Reporting a deceased estate)
Week 11           Master’s Office (Testate and Intestate succession)
Week 12           Master’s Office (Guardian’s Fund)
Week 13           Master’s Office (Importance of having a will)
Week 14           Recognition of customary marriages       
Week 15           Sexual Offences Act
Week 16           Child Justice Act
Week 17           Children’s Act
Week 18           Restorative Justice
Week 19           Domestic Violence
Week 20           Victim’s Charter
Week 21           Overview of the JCPS Cluster/Mandate
Week 22           Hierarchy of Courts/court structure/criminal procedure
Week 23           Equality Court and Act
Week 24           Bail procedure
Week 25           Expungement of the Criminal Record
Week 26           Conclusion

Confirmed schedule for Episode 1

Lesedi FM 21h05 to 21h30 04 September, Sunday 
Thobela FM 21h30 to 22h00 01st September, Thursday 
Motsweding 12h20 to 12h40 07th September, Wednesday
Trufm 18h30 to 19h00 07th September, Wednesday
RSG 14h30 to 15h00 11th September, Sunday
ukhozi FM 21h30 to 22h00 07th of September, Wednesday
Umhlobo Wenene 21h00 to 21h30 05 September, Monday
Phalaphala FM 20h30 to 21h00 02 September, Friday
ML FM 21h05 to 22h00 07th September, Wednesday
XK FM 21h05 to 21h30 08th September, Thursday
IKWEKWESI FM 21h30 to 22h00 06th September

Timeslots for all Radio Stations

Umhlobo Wenene FM Mondays 21:30-22:00
Thobela FM Thursdays 21:05-21:30
Phalaphala FM Fridays 20:30-21:00
Munghana Lonene FM Wednesday 21:05-21:30
Ukhozi FM Wednesday 21:30-22:00
Lesedi FM Sundays 21:05-22:00
Ligwala-gwala FM Tuesdays 21:30-22:00
RSG Sundays 15:00-15:30
Motsweding FM Tuesdays 22:30-23:00
Ikwekwezi FM Thursdays 21:05-22:00
Lotus FM Tuesdays 19:00-19:30
Tru FM Thursdays 13:30-14:00
X-K FM Saturdays 11:10-11:40