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Draft Regulations

DRAFT REGULATIONS RELATING TO CHILD JUSTICE ACT, 2008 - As on 09 Mar 2010 pdfRegulations under section 97 of the Child Justice Act were tabled in Parliament during February 2010.  Subsequent to the tabling, amendments to a few regulations were proposed, some of which emanate from the Portfolio Committee.  Once the regulations have been approved by Parliament, the final version will be made available.   The regulations reflect the version as tabled with the proposed amendments.

The regulations attached are the version that was –

  1. finalised on Friday 19 March 2010;
  2. signed off by the Minister;
  3. submitted to the Speaker of the NA and the Chairperson of the NCOP on Friday 19 Mach 2010;
  4. approved by the Portfolio Committee and subsequently by the NA on 24 March 2010;  and
  5. approved by the Select Committee (24 March 2010) and thereafter by the NCOP (25 March 2010).

Published: 26 Mar '10