25th Anniversary of the Constitution

South Africa’s Constitution is one of the most internationally acclaimed constitutions in the world. It is widely acknowledged not only as one of the most progressive constitutions, but also as a transformative constitution with its primary concern being to facilitate change in political, economic and social relations in South Africa.

  • Former President, Nelson Mandela, signed the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa into law in Sharpeville, Gauteng on 10 December 1996.
  • The signing of the Constitution in Sharpeville was a commemorative gesture in remembrance of the people who died during a peaceful demonstration against the vicious pass laws on 21 March 1960.  
  • The signed Constitution came into operation on 4 February 1997 and has since then drastically transformed the legal, political, social and economic landscape of the country.  

Government as a whole and civil society including the communities at large should be encouraged to take the opportunity and collaborate to mark the occasion.



Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Mr Ronald Lamola, hosted a webinar to mark the 25th anniversary of the Constitution, to be observed under the theme: “Deepening Constitutionalism, Respect for Rule of Law and the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights”, on 30 July 2021, from 09h00-12h15 via Zoom.

National Conference to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution

Retraction of the Call for Papers: National Conference to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution [13 Jun 2021]