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Delivered Citation Judgment
2021/12/09 David De Villiers and another & Alicia N Smith and others (LCC 161/2021) LCC 161/2021
2021/12/01 Joyce Khanyisile Mhlaba and The Registrar of Deeds Pietermaritzburg and others (LCC 116/2021) LCC 116/2021
2021/11/22 Mluleki Martin Chithi and others and The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform and others (LCC 125/2008) LCC 125/2008
2021/11/11 Isedor Skog N.O. and others & Koos Agullus and others (LCC 88/2019) Application for Leave to Cross-Appeal Judgment LCC 88/2019
2021/10/06 Mabhena Land Claim Community & The Regional Land Claims Commissioner Mpumalanga Province (LCC40/2019) LCC40/2019
2021/10/01 Mpheleng Community Property Association & Abram Thipe Mokwana and others (LCC31/2021) LCC31/2021
2021/09/30 Kgoantha, Molekoa Families and others & Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and others (LCC139/2019) LCC139/2019
2021/09/17 Wessel Johannes Greeff and 21 others & ESKOM Holdings Soc Ltd and others (LCC42/2021) LCC42/2021
2021/09/07 Tate Matthew Sibanyoni & Sibanyoni Family and Marianne Van Der Merwe and any other person in charge of the Farm 177, Vaalbank Protion 13 Hendrina, Mpumalanga (LCC 119/2020) LCC 119/2020
2021/08/20 First Reality (Krugersdorp) Pty Ltd & Gertjie Mitchell and others (LCC123/2018) Leave to Appeal LCC123/2018
2021/08/04 Wildbeesfontein Evaton Community Claimants and Regional Land Claims Commisioner Gauteng And North West Province and others (LCC124/2013) LCC124/2013
2021/08/04 Arbeidskroon Boerdery (Pty) Ltd and Amos Hezekian Mkwanazi and others (LCC15/2021) LCC15/2021
2021/07/30 Ba Phalaborwa Ba Ga Selwane & Majeje Traditional Authority (LCC 114/2021) LCC 114/2021
2021/07/28 The Moletele Community and others and Heir Prince-Maekane Tribal Community and others (LCC206/2010) LCC206/2010
2021/05/19 Cindi Family (Concerning Rondavel 403, Standerton district municipality, Mpumalanga) & Minister Of Rural Development And Land Reform and others (LCC 115/2008 & LCC 026/2007) LCC 115/2008 & LCC 026/2007
2021/05/12 BJ Smit Trust and 274 others & Mutsei, Phatuwani Collins and others (LCC 171/2008C & LCC 171/2008D) LCC 171/2008C & LCC 171/2008D
2021/07/13 Loskop Landgoed Boerdery and others and Petrus Moeleso and others (LCC174/2018) LCC174/2018
2021/04/13 First Realty (Krugersdorp) (Pty) Ltd and Gertjie Mitchell and others (LCC123/2018) LCC123/2018
2021/04/13 Mandlekonsi General Radebe and others and Mathulini Communal Property Association and others (LCC267/2017F) LCC267/2017F
2021/03/25 John Khumalo and others and Martha Catharina Botha and others (LCC161/2020) LCC161/2020
2021/02/18 Isedor Skog N.O. and others & Koos Agullus and others (LCC 88/2019) LCC 88/2019
2021/02/15 Kwaliddolo Communal Property Association & Korombo Mahlangu and others (LCC287/17) LCC 287/17
2021/01/18 Tsediso Phillip Tsotetsi and others & Willem Jonathan Raubenheimer N.O. and others (LCC 140/2020) LCC 140/2020