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LABOUR APPEAL COURT: PRACTICE DIRECTION 1 OF 1997 --------------------------------------------------------------WITHDRAWN
The Judge President of the Labour Appeal Court issued the following practice direction on 27 February 1997.

  1. Legal practitioners are required to robe when appearing in the Labour Appeal Court. In addition the dress code for attorneys is that male practitioners must wear a dark suit, a white shirt and a tie, and female practitioners must wear a dark outfit. Blouses must be white.

  2. The following directions apply to heads of argument:
    2.1 The first reference to a factual allegation must contain a page and paragraph or line reference to the record or bundle of documents.
    2.2 The first reference to a text book must specify the author, title, edition and page number (in that order). Example: Smith Labour Law 2 ed at 44.
    2.3 The first reference to a reported case must contain the full name of the case, the year, volume, commencement page, division of the court, and page and margin reference to which specific reference is made. Examples: National Union of Hotel Workers & others v Smith (Pty) Ltd 1990 (J) SA 127 (A) at 130D; Jones v Clark (Pty) Ltd & others (1990) 15 ILJ 1010 (LAC) at 1013D.