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  1. This matter is set down for a pre-trial conference before a Judge in the Labour Court, Braamfontein, on the ……. day of ………. 2002 at I0h00.

  2. On that day the parties will be required to hold a pre-trial conference within the Court building, draw up a proper and adequate pre-trial minute and present it to the Judge who will be presiding in the matter. This will enable this mailer to be set down for trial. In order to facilitate this process, arrangements have been made for copies of pre-trial minute guidelines on retrenchments cases, discrimination cases and strike dismissal cases to be available from the registrar's office which the parties can use as guidelines in order to try and enhance their prospects of preparing a proper and adequate pre-trial minute.

  3. In order to ensure that an effective pre-trial conference is held so that a proper pre-trial minute can be drawn up, representatives of parties must ensure that their clients/principals are accessible on the telephone during the pre-trial conference so that they can easily obtain instructions on any aspect of the matter, should they wish to take instructions in the course of the conference.

  4. If parties deliver to the registrar a pre-trial minute no later than two clear days before the date for which the mailer is set down for a pre-trial conference before a Judge, they may be excused from appearing at the pre-trial conference. However, in that event the parties must also send a letter to the registrar advising him on the fact that they have filed a pre-trial minute and, therefore, ask to be excused from appearing. The registrar will convey such letter to the Judge concerned. In such a case, unless the parties are advised to the contrary before the date of the pre-trial conference, they can accept that they will have been excused from appearing.

  5. If this matter has been settled, the parties must urgently advise the registrar in writing of that fact.