Background, Ethos & Values

Background and Ethos

Justice College ensures access to Learning & Development (L&D) opportunities of the highest quality, leading to significantly improved learning and skills acquisition by Learners.

Justice College strives to be at the forefront of Legal L&D in the Justice, Crime, Prevention and Security (JCPS) Cluster. 

Justice College will capacitate employees in the following key competency areas: Legal and Quasi-Judicial L&D, Business Applications L&D, Leadership and Management L&D (including mentorship and coaching).

Justice College will be responsible for learning and development programmes with the objective of developing a professional, responsive and legally capable public sector workforce.

Justice College provides pertinent legal L&D programmes as part of our learning and development strategy. Intervention programmes will target systemic challenges identified through a robust analytical process that examines the workplace in line with its expected performance standards.

Justice College emphasizes intensive and targeted implementation support programmes focused on the DoJ&CD capacity to deliver and appropriately respond to its internal and external environment. Attention is given to management development and administration, as well as cross cutting competencies for front-line service officials at different service points and levels of DoJ&CD interaction with users of Departmental services. 

Justice College ensures that the skills capacity of the DoJ&CD and other client departments are enhanced in support of government’s outcomes-oriented performance approach.


Justice College will assist client Departments to continuously improve outcomes and impact by institutionalising effective legal learning L&D.

As the ultimate purpose of all the Justice College learning and development programmes there will be an organisational development focus in every aspect of design, development and delivery ensuring that capacity issues are approached holistically, developmentally and systematically.

Learning programmes will be designed to be dynamic and developmental; they will ensure access relevant knowledge and develop critical, reflective, analytical and problem solving skills that will enable them to be responsive to the needs and demands that confront the public sector.

Justice College will be grounded in the democratic ethos and values of the South African Constitution and contribute to institutionalising the values and principles of the public service it outlines.  

These include the following:

The work of the Justice College will be shaped by the following foundational values:

Strategic Objectives

Language Policy

English is the language of communication, instruction and assessment at Justice College. Additional language support will be offered where possible.

L& D Material

Justice College will provide all prescribed manuals, programme outlines, timetables, assessments, workbooks (where applicable). Consequently, there will be no requirement to purchase any additional prescribed materials.

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