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[L01] Management Skills Development Programme (MSDP) - Levels 7 to 12, targeting Supervisory and MMS Levels. The purpose of the programme is to develop managerial skills for first line mangers MMS members. The skills, knowledge and understanding demonstrated within this skills programme are essential for the creation of a talent pool of experienced and effective first line managers.
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[L02] Service Excellence Programme - This training programme is aimed at Front-line employees (levels 2–8), including but not limited to reception, security, clerks, supervisors, PAs, secretaries, etc. The purpose of the programme is to ensure that the front-line staff/ supervisors are given the knowledge and practical know how in terms of how to deal with clients/customers, complying with policies, circulars and instructions in the functions. Service Excellence uses a holistic approach and does not focus on the work related issues only but on personal issues as well, as these have a bearing on the individual’s performance. The approach used is unique to Service Excellence and takes officials on a journey of self-discovery, self-knowledge, understanding of self, self-acceptance, dentification of one’s attitude and dealing with that attitude.
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[L03] Service Delivery Improvement Programme (LEAN Tools and Techniques) - This training programme is aimed at all clerks or administrative personnel in the Courts, Family Advocates, Masters Offices and State Attorneys. The purpose of the programme is to:
- Develop knowledge and skills, required by employees working at the operational facilities in order to meet the service standards and performance levels.
- Develop frontline staff to know how to identify and solve problems in their function.
- Teach frontline staff the LEAN Principles, tools and techniques.
- Enable the individual employee to be selfaware of their capabilities, talents, and goals, theirs and the department.
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[L04] National School of Government Compulsory Induction Programme - DoJ&CD officials in the following catagories: CIP 1- 12 is targeting all the officials at level 1 -12 employed after July 2012, CIP 13 -14 is targeting all the SMS level 13 -14 employed after July 2012, EIP 15 -16 is targeting all DDGs and DG and Mandatory Training for SMS (13 14). The purpose of the programme is to instil a culture of continuous development and to promote professionalism among all public servants. Public servants entering different levels of employment need to be equipped with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes regarding Government administration, strategic management and leadership.
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[L05] Foundational Project Management - This training is for all Justice Officials. The purpose of the programme is to provide foundational, practical and reflexive competency to effectively apply project management principles in the work place.
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[L06] Women in Middle Management Development Programme - This training is for women in middle management posts. The purpose of the programme is to better execute her managerial functions, improve her decision-making skills, both functional and critical and better motivate her team to ensure optimal performance.
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