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Western Cape earns an unqualified audit again

A month after the Western Cape region was recognised for good performance towards an unqualified audit for the financial year 2012/13. The region has again managed to keep its books clean. It has received an unqualified audit on both the Vote Account and Third Party Funds for 2013/14 financial year.

The success follows an announcement by the Office of the Auditor-General on 24 June 2014 after an audit was conducted at the Khayelitsha, Worcester and Mossel Bay Magistrates’ Courts. Western Cape Regional Head, Advocate Hishaam Mohamed said the region has once again pride itself on an achievement made possible by the region’s managers and the rest of the team. “We have again complied with laws and regulations and our books are sound and we are proud that every cent spent can be accounted for,” he expressed.

An audit analyses both the internal control systems, as well as all of the details in the organisation's books. All subsidiary documentation and supporting records are looked at thoroughly before the results can be declared.

Advocate Mohamed mentioned that the region has managed to achieve a clean audit for the past 18 years through an Audit Matrix Tool that was designed and implemented by the region as a framework to mitigate 100% of internal and external audit findings of the preceding financial years. “This exercise served as an instalment for good audit outcomes of subsequent financial years,” he boasted, adding that the tool sensitised court managers as to what the audit findings were and enabled the region to avoid repetition of previous findings by the Auditor-General.

He further highlighted that the region is also very proud to have shared its Audit Matrix and other tools with the Eastern Cape region last year. “The success of our assistance to our Eastern Cape colleagues is proven by the region’s Vote Account audit outcome and as a region, we feel very proud to have shared our knowledge,” said Advocate Mohamed.

He added: “Our officials in courts indeed have risen above the challenges when it comes to management of tax payer’s money. The justice staff continues to be professional as they strive towards maintaining proper corporate governance and to root out corruption.”

He thanked all the officials from courts for their hard work and commitment in adhering to the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and for consistently complying with the prescribed procedures in relation to supply chain management, asset management and human resource management. “This involves a lot of work, skills and expertise, but most importantly, it requires commitment and persistence which contribute towards achieving a clean audit,” concluded Advocate Mohamed.


By Glory Msungwa
15 July 2014