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Transcript copy of Minister Jeff Radebe’s interview on Morning Live SABC2 about the naming and shaming of corrupt officials, Tuesday 26 February 2013

Interviewer: Vuyo Mbuli (Morning Live News Anchor)

Vuyo Mbuli: In just a few days the Department of Justice will release the names of people who been involved in corrupt activities within the Security Cluster. Justice Minister Jeff Radebe says since inception, the Anti-corruption unit in 2010, 237 arrests and 32 convictions has been made. And also the cards are Sexual Offences Courts. To tell us more about his plans, we are now joined by the Minister. Minister good morning and welcome to Morning Live on SABC2.

Minister Radebe: Good morning to you Vuyo and all your viewers of Morning Live. 
Vuyo Mbuli: How will these names be distributed?

Minister Radebe: Well, we’ve taken a firm decision that we need to ensure that this 32 people who have been convicted, we can be able attach names to them so that people of South Africa should be aware that this fight against corruption we mean business about it. Then not only people who are involve in Government but also those who are in the Private Sector because it also takes two to tango. So in the next few weeks we expect to publish these names in all the mediums that are possible, through radio, electronic newspapers and so on.

Vuyo Mbuli: Now, with the 237 arrests that have been made, how many of those officials are your officials and how are you addressing that?

Minister Radebe: Well, it is a combination because of both officials within the public service but also from the private sector. As I’ve indicated that it always takes two to tango. So we want to make sure that we uproot corruption within the public service itself but also in society as a whole because the fight against corruption is not just a fight by Government on its own. We require partnership with business, with Labour and also communities so that we can be able to uproot the scourge from South African society.

Vuyo Mbuli: Now, there is plan on re-introducing Sexual Offences Courts. What plans have you put in place around this?

Minister Radebe: You will recall Vuyo that, last year I establish a task team to look at the possibility of re-establishing the Sexual Offences Courts because as you know, the sexual assaults against women and children is something that everybody is very deeply concerned about. The Booysen rape and murder has highlighted this point very well. So now, we’ve taken an inclusive decision that we are re-establishing these dedicated courts.  Now we are dealing with a final consultation especially with the Judiciary and the National Prosecution Authority so that by the middle of this year we should be up and running. But that should not mean that, when those people who rape our women and children will not be dealt with speedily.

Vuyo Mbuli: Now, Minister just in terms of ensuring that there is not a problem of backlog of cases since in some areas this is a problem. How is that going to be handled to ensure that matters are dealt with expeditiously?

Minister Radebe: Well, we already have, in our System of Justice, these backlog courts where we have people volunteered over the weekends to ensure that we remove this backlog. We indicated in our statement on Sunday, the strives that we are making. It’s still a battle, but I think we are winning this battle to ensure that those who do wrong things justice must be swift. 

Vuyo Mbuli: Now, many people are still afraid to report sexual cases. What mechanisms are been put in place to change this?

Minister Radebe: Well, I think there should be mobilization of our communities, to ensure that these culprits are brought to book and we’ve have many measures within the Police Services and National Prosecuting Authority of encouraging people, members of communities and victims themselves that they need to go forward because so long as these culprits are not been apprehended the scourge will continue in South African. So all those measures , communities , police forum, community based organizations, family members they need to report the culprit from within their homes  because many of these offences the sexual assaults against women and children are been done by people who are known to their victims. So it’s in those homes in Soweto, Kwamashu and so on that people need to speak up.

Vuyo Mbuli: I am receiving information now, Minister about another girl who was found in Siviwe Township in the area of Komga in the Eastern Cape, she was found dead in the early hours of Sunday morning. Apparently, she was found deceased, half naked in an open field between houses and the township. This seems to be the trend now, there is a brutality, rape is brutal as it is but then these is an additional brutality where people are just brutalized left naked and that kind of things. Is there something additional that we need to do as a society? Is there something as the Ministry of Justice that you contemplating?  

Minister Radebe: Well, as we are saying that the Criminal Justice System itself will not be able to apprehend these criminals unless members of communities, family members they come out in their numbers to indicate the outrage that everybody is feeling. So we need responsibilities in all South African societies. All Government Departments have to be involved. Members of communities we need to stand up and fight against the scourge that is destroying the moral fiber of South African society.

Vuyo Mbuli: Alright, thank you very much. Minister Jeff Radebe is the Minister responsible for Justice and Constitutional Development joining us here on Morning Live this morning. What are your thoughts? What can we do as a society to address ourselves to this problem?