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Schedule of DOJ&CD and NPA Procurement Plan in respect of advertised Competitive Bids (Goods, Works or Services in excess of R500 000 including all applicable taxes) for the 2021/2022 Financial Year.



The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD), hereby invites all prospective and current service providers to register on the Departmental Supplier Database. In order to comply with the Public Finance Management Act and the revised Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, the DoJ&CD will source quotations from the Supplier Database on rotational basis. The DoJ&CD promotes B-BBEE initiative and would urge all SMME’s to apply and register on the Departmental Supplier Database.

Prospective service providers who successfully registered on the DoJ&CD Supplier Database in 2013 must submit their updated information including the original valid Tax Clearance Certificate and a certified copy/ original B-BBEE certificate.

Failure to submit the updated registration information could result in your information declared outdated and further restricted from rendering any services for the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

Supplier Database registration:

All suppliers are encouraged to register onto National Treasury’s CSD by logging onto to the website address of  https://secure.csd.gov.za or by logging onto National Treasury website address of www.treasury.gov.za and click on CSD Database.

Enquiries should be forwarded to:

Region Name Tel E-mail
National Office (Pta) S. Setati 012 357 8291 ssetati@justice.gov.za
National Office (Pta) N. Mthethwa 012 315 1653 NjMthethwa@justice.gov.za
Johannesburg D Babe 011 332 9042 DBabe@justice.gov.za
Polokwane L Saasa 015 287 2068 LSaasa@justice.gov.za
Cape Town K. de Carvalho 021 462 5471 KdeCarvalho@justice.gov.za
Mafikeng L. Masoko 018 397 7038 LMasoko@justice.gov.za
Nelspruit C. Msweli 013 753 9348 CeMsweli@justice.gov.za
Kimberly U Palm 053 839 0080 UPalm@justice.gov.za
Durban P Mthethwa 031 372 3042/3 PMthethwa@justice.gov.za
Bloemfontein M Thole 051 407 1876 MeThole@justice.gov.za
East London N Sibani 043 702 7118 snsibani@justice.gov.za