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Departmental Structure: Corporate Services (CFO)

The purpose of this office is the establishment and maintenance of appropriate accounting and Financial and management systems associated with effective Efficient management of budgets and expenditure in accordance With the PFMA Treasury regulations and other applicable Framework.

It's functions are to establish and maintain:
* Effective, efficient and transparent systems of financial and risk ,management and internal control.
* Appropriate procurement and provisioning system.
* Ensure the effective and efficient, economical and transparent use of the resources of the department.
* Comply and ensure that the department is not committed to any liability for which money has not been appropriated.
* Manage the expenditure of the department in accordance with vote of the department.
* Take responsibility for the maintenance recording and reporting of the financial affairs of the department in accordance with prescribes norms and standards.

Office of the Chief Financial Officier

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ms Nelisiwe Pule (Acting from 06 Dec 2021 to 06 Mar 2022)
Ms Magrette Shaku
Office of the CD: Financial Accounting
Tel: 012 315 1064
E-mail: cpule@justice.gov.za

  • Director: Criminal Assets Recovery Unit (CARU)
    Mr SV Bhikha
    Tel: 012 315 4600, Fax: 086 759 9947, E-mail: Sbhikha@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Financial Accounting

* The administration and controlling of remuneration and miscellaneous payment matters in the department.     
* The ensuring of financial transaction processing and reporting services in the department. 

Chief Director
Ms Cynthia Nelisiwe Pule
Tel: 012 357 8894
E-mail: CPule@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Financial Transaction Processing

  • Director
    Vees Chetty
    Tel: 012 315 1240, Fax: 012 357 8576, E-mail: VeChetty@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Financial Reporting and Agency Services

  • Director
    David M Zuma
    Tel: 012 315 1964, E-mail: DZuma@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (System & Accounts Control) Acting
    Phineas Letsoalo
    Tel: 012 315 1059, E-mail: PhLetsoalo@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Agency Services)
    Retha Pearce
    Tel: 012 315 1688, E-mail: RePearce@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Management of Monies In Trust: Third Party Funds

* The management of the Third Party Funds Public Private Partnership (PPP). 
* The management of Third Party Funds (TPF) operations (bail, maintenance, fines, state attorney monies, civil payments, etc.)

  • Deputy Director (Third Party Funds)
    Sparks Skhosana
    Tel: 012 315 1230, Fax: 086 629 2187, E-mail: sskhosana@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Monies In Trust

  • Deputy Director (Operations)
    Marietjie Zietsman
    Tel: 011  429 8077, Fax: 086 679 4472, E-mail: mzietsman@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Operations)
    Ramona Muller (Acting)
    Tel: 011  429  8080, Fax: 086 524 9392, E-mail: rmuller@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Budget, Procurement and Decision Support *(Budget Management)

* The management of the budgets, decision support. 
* The provision of effective budget support services.     
* The rendering of assistance to the CFO in strategic management of the financial function.
* The management of the departmental budget, provide advice/support as well as to direct and oversee costing services function.

Chief Director (Acting)
Charisse Fryer
Tel: 012 315 1183, E-mail: CFryer@justice.gov.za

Jona Sibiya
Tel: 012 315 1015/1647, E-mail: Jsibiya@justice.gov.za

Director (Acting)
Caroline Shakwane
Tel: 013 752 9380, E-mail: CShakwane@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Costing

* The determination of costing opportunities.     
* The regulatory impact analysis (RIA’s).     
* The determination of costing models and techniques.    
* The ensuring of merging of financial costing and implementation initiatives. 
* The provision of advice on costing findings.

Chief Director
Charity Mhlungu
Tel: 012 315 1985
E-mail: cmhlungu@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Supply Chain Management

* Management and rendering of acquisition & demand services.   
* Management and rendering of logistics, provisioning and asset services 
* Management of supply chain performance and provision of legal support.

Chief Director (Acting from 5 Jan 2022)
Mr Lawrence Shole
Tel: 012 315 5438, E-mail: LShole@justice.gov.za

Personal Assistant: Mrs Cerina Durgapersat
Tel: 012 315 5438, Email:  CDurgapersat@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Procurement Services/Supply Chain

  • Director

    Ms Livashni Surjbally
    Tel: 012 357 8009, E-mail: LSurjbally@justice.gov.za

  • Personal Assistant: Ms Pumla Nonti
    Tel: 012 315 4578, Email: PNonti@justice.gov.za

    Deputy Director (Bids and Negotiations& Demand Management)
    Mr Shaffiek Bassier
    Tel: 012 315 4545, Fax: 086 641 2053, E-mail: SBassier@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Stores and Fleet Management)
    Mr Ansari Ismail
    Tel: 012 315 1341, Fax: 086 635 1429, E-mail: AIsmail@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Procurement Operations/ Demand and Acquisition Management)
    Zukiswa Tilayi
    Tel: 012 315 1149, Fax: 086 640 2329, E-mail: ZTilayi@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Cost Management Accounting and Fleet Logistics and Disposal Management)
    Noma-Afrika Koyana
    Tel: 012 315 1149, Fax: 073 729 1218, E-mail: nkoyama@justice.gov.za