PRETORIA March 17 1998 - SAPA


Ferdi Barnard's ex-wife, Maryna Language, on Tuesday told the Pretoria High Court the Civil Co-operation Bureau supplied him with a hitlist which included ANC Women's League president Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Truth and Reconciliation Commission chairman Desmond Tutu.

Other people on the list were anti-apartheid activist David Webster, Swapo activist Anton Lubowski and SA Communist Party leader Chris Hani, Language said.

She said the hitlist used to lie around in their house and shortly before Webster's murder in May 1989, Barnard told her he was a hitman for the CCB. She said Barnard told her he would be paid to take out Webster because the University of the Witwatersrand academic had a high profile in the African National Congress.

"I didn't believe him. I thought he lived in a dream world, but after Webster was killed I had to believe him," she said.

Barnard is facing charges including fraud and murder.

Language divorced Barnard in 1993, but kept close contact with him until two years ago, on occasion even helping him with his cocaine addiction.

She said that the night after Webster was murdered Barnard told her in detail about the incident.

He allegedly said there were three people in the car - Eugene Riley, the driver Calla Barnard and himself in the back seat.

"He said Webster was busy unloading plants from a bakkie and was standing in the street. He saw that this was the ideal opportunity to do the job then and there. He shot Webster with a shotgun and said Webster's wife screamed like a stuck pig.

"The accused said he wore a blonde wig. He had a short, blonde wig that he used to keep in a cupboard. An identikit compiled by an eye witness to the shooting looks similar to Ferdi wearing the wig.

"He said after Webster's death he received a R90,000 production bonus. He used the money as a deposit for a new house, to which he moved a few months after Webster's death," Language said.

She said Barnard was a member of the SA Defence force's CCB until about two or three years ago. She said although the bureau was officially disbanded, Barnard told her it never disbanded, but simply went underground.

Language said it bothered her that Barnard seemed to be a pawn in the hands of people lie former Brixton murder and robbery unit chief Charlie Landman, and that he alone was now held up as the big criminal, while the others could walk away from everything.

Language also told the court about various other incidents in which Barnard allegedly had been involved.

These included the murder of Mark Frances in 1991, blowing up the Landman's car "to boost his image in the police" and laying the blame on the Azanian People's Liberation Army.

She said although Barnard never confessed to her that he killed Frances, he and Riley often joked about Frances' death, which they called "a blow, a shout". They allegedly said he was hit to death with a baseball bat in an alley.

Language was convinced that Riley, who had a grudge against Frances, and not Barnard was responsible for his death.

She told the court she accepted Barnard storing alleged stolen cosmetics in the garage of her house for quite some time because she was not in the habit of questioning him.

"There's nothing you can do. You don't ask Barnard why and you don't say no," Language said with a smile.

The cosmetics were later removed at the insistence of her father.

The trial continues.

South African Press Association, 1998
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