KIMBERLEY October 30 1997 - SAPA


An African National Congress Youth Lague member is seeking amnesty for the murder of a gang member he stabbed at least 10 times.

Stephen Monyake, 24, on Thursday told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's amnesty comittee in Kimberley he killed Three Million gang member Tefo Molele on May 2, 1992 in Kroonstad, 340 km away. Monyake was jailed for seven years for the murder.

He told the amnesty committee: "The killing of Molele wa not intentional. Although I stabbed him 10 to 15 times, it was not intentional.

"I am really sorry for the murder. I did not mean to kill him, but we were controlled by the situation then," he said.

Monyake said the Three Million gang was notorious for harassing the Maokeng community at Kroonstad. He said the gang colluded with the police and Inkatha Freedom Party, which were opposed to multiparty talks on a democracy for South Africa.

As a result of repeated attacks against the community, particularly ANC actvists, Monyake said it was resolved that self-defence units be formed, and he became a member of one in Maokeng.

On the day of the murder he was with a friend at a local tavern when Molele, accompanied by another Three Million gang member, rried and provoked them.

Molele asked where the other ANC members were, and threw a box of empty beer bottles at Monyake and his friend.

Monyake said Molele continued to harass him until he pulled out a knife and stabbed Molele.

"I stabbed him several times. I chased him around the tavern until he fell on the ground, and I continued to stab him. I was so emotional that I could not really count how many times the knife was going into his body."

Under cross-examination he said the Maokeng self-defence unit was formed under the auspices of the ANC.

He said the unit was ordered to defend the community against the terror of the Three Million gang, which had threatened to disrupt the 1994 general election.

South African Press Association, 1997
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