CAPE TOWN October 1 1996 Sapa


Lawyers for former Ciskei military ruler Oupa Gqozo on Tuesday denied media reports that Truth Commission officials had contacted them to set a date for Gqozo's appearance at a special hearing on the 1992 Bisho Massacre.

Bisho-based advocate Sally Collett told Sapa: "Neither myself nor my instructing attorney Phumelele Hole have had any communication with the commission about the hearing date or anything else."

While she had faxed several letters to the commission's East London offices requesting, among other things, transcripts of evidence given at last month's hearing on the Bisho massacre, she had not yet received a reply.

Collett said she had sent a letter to the commission on Tuesday objecting to media reports quoting Eastern Cape commission spokesman Phila Ngqumba as saying that the commission had contacted her to discuss a date for Gqozo's testimony on the massacre.

The former army officer was released from Komani psychiatric hospital in Queenstown last week after undergoing nearly three weeks of treatment for a severe bout of depression.

He was admitted to the hospital after citing medical reasons for his failure to testify at the commission's September hearing on the massacre. Sapa

South African Press Association, 1996
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