The Truth Commission should put reconciliation and nation building above the witchhunt proposed by the SA Congress of Trade Unions, the Democratic Party Youth said on Monday.

"The TRC should not follow the revenge mentality because it will destroy the fragile democracy in our country, " said DPY federal leader Sipho Moganedi in a statement.

He said every South African must be made to feel part of the process of truth and reconciliation. This process was antagonising some communities, he said adding it should be dealt with with caution or it would not be good for the country.

"Reconciliation is a two way street. Victims have stated their case in the TRC hearings and the perpetrators should do likewise."

Moganedi said if the commission wanted to succeed it must not confirm the perception that it was witchhunting and should be impartial in their activities.

"Victims and perpetrators will have to work together and that is the image they (TRC) should emphasise," he said.

Moganedi said: "If by probing the former cabinet and top generals who served on the state security council will lead to reconciliation, they should be pursued. Other people want to know who gave orders to murders, tortures, bombings...from both the National Party and the African National Congress."

He said if the TRC could not achieve reconciliation and nation building it would have failed in its duties.

South African Press Association, 1997
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