May 24, 1996 Sapa


Issued by: Office of the Executive Deputy President


The submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission made by General Bantu Holomisa pertaining to minister Stella Sigcawu has been the subject of media speculation.

The Executive Deputy President Mr. Thabo Mbeki is now in possession of the statement submitted by General Holomisa to the T.R.C as well as documents supplied by minister Sigcawu. In the light of the intense media speculation, the facts must be clarified in the public interest.

Towards the end of the 1980's the Prime Minister of the then Republic of the Transkei, Mr. George Matanzima, made donations to various individuals to the tune of R50,000 each. It later transpired that this money was part of a sum of R2 million which it was alleged that Mr. G. Matanzima had obtained illegally.

Consequently a judicial commission of inquiry was set up, headed by Judge Alexander. After the inquiry, Judge Alexander recommended that in the case of certain individuals who had received the money, the matter must be referred to the Attorney General for appropriate action.

The judge also cleared a number of other people including minister Stella Sigcawu. In her case he said: "I find that the explanation given by Miss Sigcawu as to the circumstances in which she received R50 000 from Chief George cannot be assailed on the available evidence. Nevertheless, I wish it understood that I am not making any adverse findings concerning Miss Sigcawu on her own evidence." Judge Alexander's recommendation concerning Miss Sigcawu was the following: "In the circumstances I recommend that there is no further need for additional investigation concerning her".

Any suggestion that she acted with impropriety was therefore not substantiated by the findings of the Alexander judicial commission of inquiry.

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South African Press Association, 1996
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