Judgments 2002


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Road Accident Fund v Mongalo and Nkabinda v Road Accident Fund 487/01
Certificate under Act 76 of 1963 - 'Conclusive proof' of customary union - Can be impugned if obtained by fraud.
02 Dec
Bezuidenhout NO v Esko 379/01
Delict - vicarious liability - liability of employer for damages suffered by unauthorised passenger.
29 Nov
Louw NO and others v Coetzee and others 342/02
Moneys in attorneys trust accounts; Meaning of Trust Property: Financial Institutions Act (Protection of Funds) Act 28 of 2001; s 78(2A) of Attorneys' Act 53 of 1979.
29 Nov
MV 'Ivory Tirupati' and another v Badan Urusan Logistik 513/01
Shipping - Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act 105 of 1983, ss 3(6) and 3(8) - whether maritime claim based on damage to cargo the same as claim based on judgment given in respect of that damage - letter of undertaking construction of.
29 Nov
Potgieter NO v Daewoo Heavy Industries (Pty) Ltd 466/01
Insolvensiewet - afbetalingsverkooptransaksie - getref deur art 84(1) van Insolvensiewet selfs wanneer nie onderhewig aan bepalings van Wet op Kredietooreenkomste....
29 Nov
Road Accident Fund v Arendse NO 030/02
Undertaking by Road Accident Fund - cost of administering undertaking not claimed by way of compensation and consequently not included in settlement - cannot be claimed subsequently.
29 Nov
Levack and others v Regional Magistrate, Wynberg and another 403/00
Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 s 37 - Order that accused or arrested persons supply voice samples is competent.
28 Nov
Meyer v Iscor Pension Fund 391/01
Chapter V A of Pension Fund Act 24 of 1956 - complaint to Adjudicator - amendment to Pension Fund Rules - conferring additional benefits on existing members - whether unfair discrimination against former members -
28 Nov
S v Gabaatlholwe and another 096/02
Court - duty to call witness in terms of s 186 of CPA - when arising.
28 Nov
Contract Forwarding (Pty) Ltd v Chesterfin (Pty) Ltd and othe A017/02
General notarial bond; perfection in terms of interim order; effect.
27 Nov
S v Ndlovu 075/02
Criminal Law - unlawful possession of firearm - imposition of sentence - effect of failure of prosecution to ask for minimum sentence - effect of failure by presiding officer to inform accused of possible ...
27 Nov
South African Football Association v Stanton Woodrush (Pty) Ltd t/a Stan Smidt & Sons and another 005/02
Trade marks; Bafana Bafana in relation to clothing; rectification of register; procedure.
27 Nov
Transnet Ltd t/a Portnet v MV 'Stella Tingas' and another 378/01
Admiralty - collision in Durban harbour - negligence of pilot - whether gross negligence - s6 of Act 105 of 1983 - non applicability of UK Pilotage Act of 1983.
27 Nov
Hassim v Commissioner South African Revenue Services 438/01
Income Tax Special Court - appeal - s 86A of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 - meaning of 'any decision'.
26 Nov
Simelane NO and others v Seven-Eleven Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd and another 480/01
Competition Act - differing functions of Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal -former investigates and refers - latter adjudicates - former's doings not reviewable in the normal course ....
26 Nov
Price Waterhouse Meyernel v Thoroughbred Breeders' Association of South Africa 028/02
Review of taxation in SCA - inclusion of VAT on fees - quantum of counsel's fees.
15 Nov
Rammoko v Director of Public Prosecutions 245/01
Rape - minimum sentencing legislation, Act 105 of 1997 - role of presiding officer in relation to finding of substantial and compelling circumstances.
15 Nov
S v Naidoo and others 321/01
Murder - culpable homicide - conviction upon multiple counts of culpable homicide arising from single act - whether permissible. Sentence - approach in cases of culpable homicide.
14 Nov
Logbro Properties CC v Bedderson NO and others 372/01
Tender - Constitutional requirements of administrative justice apply to process - Fairness does not however require administrator in reconsidering decision set aside by Court to ignore supervening considerations......
18 Oct
S v Sithole 464/01
Sentence for drunken driving; effect of alcoholism on sentencing.
30 Sep
Absa Bank Ltd t/a Bankfin v Jordashe Auto CC 402/01
Competing claims to vehicles between seller of alleged consignment stock with reservation of ownership and bank claiming ownership under a floor plan agreement in form of a sale
27 Sep
S v Bezuidenhout 022/02-1
Straf - Onbeedigde getuienis ontoelaatbaar bevind - Bevoegdheid van hoe hof ingevolge art 25 van Wet 105 van 1997 om gebrek reg te stel
27 Sep
Van Eeden (formerly Nadel) v Minister Of Safety And Security 176/01
Delict - legal duty - police - liability for omissions - failure to take steps to prevent known dangerous criminal escaping from police custody.
27 Sep
Commissioner For The South African Revenue Services v Smith 563/01
Income tax - s 26(1) of Act 58 of 1962 - "farming operations" - requires genuine intention to carry out such operations profitably - reasonable prospect of profit not independent requirement.
26 Sep
Du Plessis and others v Pienaar NO and others 514/01
Spouse married in community of property - separate property - whether available to creditors upon insolvency of spouses
26 Sep
Gerber and others v Member of the Executive Council of the Gauteng Provincial Government, Development Planning & Local Government and another 303/01
Legality of 'land rate' imposed by local authority without reference to size or valuation
26 Sep
Minister Of Safety And Security v Ntamo and others 389/01
Delict - action for damages - fatal shooting by police - defence of justification not established on facts
26 Sep
Rudman v Road Accident Fund 370/01
Delict - damages - loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity - proof of - injured party totally precluded from being a professional hunter and partially disabled from farming - employed by "family" company - whether loss to him.
26 Sep
S v Legoa 033/02
Criminal law - Dealing in dagga - Minimum sentencing legislation, Act 105 of 1997 - (i) Meaning of 'value' - (ii) State must prove elements of the form of offence contemplated in Schedule before conviction.
26 Sep
S v Trainor 468/01
Breach of prohibition order issued i.t.o the Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 - evaluation of evidence - requirements for private defence.
26 Sep
van Zyl NO v Kiln Non-Marine Syndicate No 510 of Lloyds of London 216/01
Insurance - accidental bodily injury or death policy - 'accident' - 'wilful exposure to danger'.
26 Sep
Gamevest (Pty) Ltd v Regional Land Claims Commissioner for the Northern Province and Mpumalanga and others 425/01
Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994 - Review - administrative action or decision.
25 Sep
Liebenberg NO v MGK Bedryfsmaatskappy (Edms) Bpk 061/01
Testamentary Trust – Interpretation Of – Whether Trustee Empowered To Sign Unlimited Suretyship In Respect Of Debts Of A Beneficiary In Absence Of Express Power Conferred By Will.
25 Sep
Precismeca Ltd v Melco Mining Supplies (Pty) Ltd 395/01
Jurisdiction of high court in respect of common law licensing agreement .
25 Sep
Samril Investments (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner for the SA Revenue Service 426/01
Income Tax - distinction between capital accrual and revenue - sale of building sand.
25 Sep
Commissioner For The South African Revenue Service v Delta Motor Corporation (Pty) Limited 279/01
Customs duty - whether royalty part of price of goods or otherwise dutiable.
23 Sep
S v Calitz en 'n ander 428/01
Vonnis - afwesigheid van uitspraak deur landdros - onvoldoende feite vir vonnisoplegging - saak terugverwys na verhoorhof.
23 Sep
Industrial Development Corporation of SA (Pty) Ltd v Silver 419/01
Suretyship - compliance with s 6 of Act 50 of 1956 - incorporation by reference - admissibility of extrinsic evidence.
20 Sep
S v Khoasasa 515/01
Reg van appel teen weiering deur Provinsiale Afdeling, ingevolge art 309C van Wet 51 van 1977, van verlof om te appelleer teen vonnis opgele in laer hof - vereistes.
20 Sep
Beecham Group Plc and others v Triomed (Pty) Ltd 100/01
Trade Marks; functional shapes; pharmaceutical tablet.
19 Sep
South African Forestry Company Ltd v York Timbers Ltd 406/01
Costs of arbitration - whether award includes qualifying costs of experts - remittal to arbitrator.
19 Sep
Jansen Van Der Merwe v Nedcor Bank Bpk 432/00
Sessie - splitsing van vordering - ongeldig.
13 Sep
Mketsu and others v African National Congress and others 315/01
Election - jurisdiction of High Court - interpretation of s65 of Act 27 of 2000.
13 Sep
Potgieter NO en andere v Shell South Africa (Pty) Ltd 390/01
Borgstelling - of trustees van familietrust gemagtig was om ten behoewe van 'n beslote korporasie waarvan 'n begunstigde die enigste lid was, borg te staan.
13 Sep
S v Ehrlich 309/02
Bail appeal - appellant facing charges of indecent assault involving boys - bail previously cancelled for breach of bail conditions - appeal without merit.
13 Sep
Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd v Glen William Harris NO and others 359/01
Delictual liability of collecting bank - cheque drawn on same bank - not in itself ground for bank's immunity - cheque crossed 'not transferable' collected for attorney's trust account - not unlawful if authorised by payee.
13 Sep
Aktiebolaget Hassle and another v Triomed (Pty) Ltd 063/02
Patent specification - purposive construction.
12 Sep
Commissioner of the Competition Commission v General Council of the Bar South Africa and others 350/01
Administrative Law - setting aside of administrative decision - remittal to administrative authority - Competition Act 89 of 1998 - exemption.
06 Sep
Dexion Europe Limited v Universal Storage Systems (Proprietary) Limited 500/00
Copyright infringement; indirect copying of technical drawings
06 Sep
Lewis Stores (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Finance and another 368/01
Customs duty - classification - whether pots and pans plated with gold.
06 Sep
Schlumberger Logelco Incorporated v Coflixip SA 256/01
Patent - apparatus using hose for transfer of fluid between seabed and sea surface - infringement - lack of novelty - obviousness - lack of clarity - admissibility of expert evidence in regard to obviousness.
06 Sep
Telkom SA Limited v Member of the Executive Council for Agricultural and Environment Affairs: Kwazulu-Natal and others 516/00
Telecommunications - laying of undersea cable - fixed line operator obliged to obtain lease under Sea-shore Act, 1935.
05 Sep
Coetzee v Attorneys' Insurance Indemnity Fund 126/01
Indemnity insurance - limitation clause - interpretation - whether extends to costs claim of claimant - operation of s156 of Insolvency Act where insured sequestrated.
02 Sep

Glofinco v Absa Bank Limited t/a United Bank 135/01
Estoppel - whether a bank is estopped from disputing liability when one of its branch managers, without authority to do so, guaranteed a series of post-dated cheques in the name of the bank.

30 Aug
Ndlovu v Ngcobo; Bekker and another v Jika 240/01
The Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998: its application to holding-over by ex-tenants and ex-mortgagors.
30 Aug
S v Mafaladiso en andere 013/02
Identifikasie van meerdere verkragters - Vonnis - lewenslange gevangenisstraf.
30 Aug
S v Thebus and another 338/01
Reliability of evidence of identification: alibi defence - approach to: sentence - Criminal Law Amendment Act 105 of 1997 - increase on appeal.
30 Aug
Van Der Westhuizen v Arnold 414/00
No Summary
29 Aug
S v Viljoen 286/02
Appel teen die afwysing van 'n onsuksesvolle borgaansoek in die Hooggeregshof - Art 60(11)(a) van die Strafproseswet 51 van 1977; bewyslas; aanbevelings oor benaderingswyse tot feite-dispute en oor appelprosedure
27 Aug
Minister of Safety and Security v Van Duivenboden 209/01
Delict - police - liability for omissions - failing to take steps to deprive a person of firearms
22 Aug
S v Mbuli 422/01
Robbery - whether evidence establishing guilt of appellant - unlawful possession of hand grenade - whether joint possession established.
07 Jun
Afrox Healthcare Bpk v Strydom 172/01
Privaat hospitaal - vrywaring teen nalatigheid van verpleegpersoneel - openbare belang - art 27 van die Grondwet - stare decisis in konsitusionele konteks
31 May
Cash Converters Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd v Rosebud Western Province Franchise (Pty) Ltd 238/01
Interpretation of two linked agreements to determine whether cancellation of one results in the termination of the other.
31 May
Maize Board v Tiger Oats Ltd and others 151/01
Condonation - appealability of dismissal of exception.
31 May
Muller and others v Botswana Development Corporation Ltd 106/01
Principal and surety - actions against surety - summary judgment - surety raising defence that principal debtor in separate action had illiquid counterclaim against creditor for amount exceeding creditor's claim and involving set-off
31 May
Premier Of The Eastern Cape Province and others v Sekeleni 277/01
Public Service - Transkei - Interpretation of section 15(1) and (2) of Public Service Act 43 of 1978 (Transkei), as amended.
31 May
Pretoria Portland Cement Company Limited and another v Competition Commission and others 064/01
Search and seizure under the Competition Act 89 of 1998 - warrant issued by judge in terms of s46 - whether acts judicially or administratively - in any event judge not to be cited as a party
31 May
Road Accidents Fund v Clayton 139/01
The interpretation and application of article 43 of the Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund Agreement in a case where the monetary limitation in article 46 applies.
31 May
S v Joshua 332/01
Criminal liability - mens rea - test for putative private defence - accused's honest but erroneous belief that his life was in danger excludes dolus - culpable homicide - sentence.
31 May
S v Mahomotsa 085/01
Rape - Act 105 of 1997 - sentences - circumstances justifying sentences less than life imprisonment.
31 May
S v Myeni 397/01
Criminal procedure - appeal - remittal for further evidence - duty of court hearing application. Criminal procedure - recall of witness for further cross-examination - refusal - when justified. Criminal procedure - irregularity
31 May
S v Ndhlovu and others 327/01
Criminal law - Hearsay evidence - Act 45 of 1988 - Act not unconstitutional - Admission of hearsay evidence by one accused against fellow accused - Admissible when if sufficient guarantees of trustworthiness.
31 May
Weiner NO v Broekhuysen 173/01
Administration orders - Magistrates' Courts Act 32 of 1944, s 74 - Interpretation of - Administrator's entitlement to fees.
31 May
Byron v Duke Inc 339/01
Condonation - validity of a writ of execution in respect of a taxed bill of costs issued in the name of the successful party, the proceeds of the bill having been ceded to the attorney of the successful party.
30 May
Lombo v African National Congress 017/01
Claim for damages for assault and unlawful detention - related issues - prescription.
30 May
Minister Van Veiligheid En Sekuriteit v Phoebus Apollo Aviation BK 113/01
Onregmatige daad: of Minister van Veiligheid en Sekuriteit middellik aanspreeklik is vir diefstal gepleeg deur drie speurders wat gesteelde geld gaan steel het.
30 May
S v Halgryn 409/01
Criminal law - right to a fair trial - right to own counsel.
30 May
Michelin Tyre Company (South Africa)(Pty) Ltd v Janse Van Rensburg and others 198/01
Companies Act 61 of 1973 - s417 enquiry - only available in windings-up by the court.
29 May
Nedcor Bank Ltd and others v Master Of The High Court and others 111/01
Application of s 152 of Insolvency Act where Close Corporation placed under winding-up order - Amended Costs Order.
29 May
Road Accident Fund v Klisiewicz 192/01
Loss of earning capacity - Quantum - Attorney-client costs award.
29 May
Zulu and others v Majola 467/00
Whether it is competent for a magistrate to substitute a representative of a deceased estate appointed in terms of regulation 4(1) of the Regulations promulgated under s23(10) of the Black Administration Act 38 of 1927.
29 May
Law Society Of The Cape Of Good Hope v Budricks 141/01
Attorney-misappropriation of trust funds-striking from the roll.
24 May
Ashton Insurance Brokers CC t/a/ Walmer Insurance Brokers and another v Independent Municipal And Allied Trade Union 252/01
Trade union insurance scheme - broker - fiduciary relationship
23 May
D F Scott (EP) (Pty) Ltd v Golden Valley Supermarket 134/01
Application and interpretation of Magistrates' Courts' rule 54.
23 May
Botha v Coopers & Lybrand 514/00
Aanspreeklik van ouditeur - Beweerde versuim om klient te adviseer oor Desentralisasieraad voordele - stilswyende terme van ooreenkoms om sodanige advies te verskaf.
21 May
De Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner For The South African Revenue Service 165/01
Section 20(4) of the Customs and Excise Act 92 of 1964 - supply of bunker fuel as stores to South African vessels on the high seas - vessels exploring for off-shore diamonds off the coast of Namibia
20 May
Hamata and another v Chairperson, Peninsula Technikon Internal Disciplinary Committee and others 384/00
Domestic tribunal - legal representation - discretion to allow.
17 May
Bannatyne v Bannatyne 177/01
Maintenance Court order replacing order of High Court - High Court order no longer enforceable.
16 May
S v Makhudu 208/01
Appeal against sentence - magistrate's sentence partially reduced by provincial division of High Court - further appeal remains one against magistrate's judgment in particular circumstances of case
16 May
S v Wilmot 180/01
Remittal to trial court for hearing of further evidence.
16 May
Commissioner For The South African Revenue Service v Scribante Construction (Pty) Ltd 026/01
Income tax - ss11(a) and 23(g) of Act 58 of 1962 - dividends declared by company credited to shareholders' loan accounts - interest paid on such loans - whether taxable.
14 May
Development Bank Of Southern Africa Limited v Van Rensburg NO and others 490/00
Cession in securitatem debiti - general notarial bond - cessionary may enforce ceded rights upon default of mortgagor - mortgagee who acquired possession before commencement of winding-up of mortgagor a secured creditor as if a pledgee.
14 May
Vereins-Und Westbank AG v Veren Investments and others 433/00
Payment - Method of discharging debt - Subsequent approval of creditor critical in validating even a method of payment that debtor may unilaterally have chosen.
02 Apr
Africa Solar (Pty) Ltd v Divwatt (Pty) Ltd 365/00
Terms of agreement - whether the seller's standard terms incorporated into the agreement for the supply of goods to the buyer - alleged defective performance - remedies - non-compliance
28 Mar
Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service 495/00
Rebates under an export promotion scheme; whether "paid by the State" in terms of s 10(1)(zA) of the Income Tax Act.
28 Mar
"Merak S" (Name of Ship) Sea Melody Enterprises SA v Bulktrans (Europe) Corporation 178/00
Maritime Law - Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act 105 of 1983, section 5(2) - 'security', meaning of.
27 Mar
Cape Produce Co (Port Elizabeth) (Pty) Ltd v Dal Maso NO and another 120/01
Subordination agreement - Effect on liability of surety - Available to surety even though neither a 'defence in rem' nor a 'defence in personam' - Wording of suretyship however excluding reliance upon agreement
27 Mar
Govender v Reddy and others 360/00
Administrative law - allocation of properties by statutory board - purported revocation thereof, whether valid - whether executors of person to whom property allocated empowered to consent to revocation
27 Mar
Jamieson v Sabingo 329/00
Jurisdiction - attachment to confirm jurisdiction - whether possible where voluntary submission to jurisdiction by defendant occurs after attachment order made but before execution thereof.
27 Mar
Minister Of Correctional Services and others v Kwakwa and another 060/00
Legality of prison privilege system in respect of unsentenced prisoners - Commissioner of prisons acting beyond his statutory powers and in violation of respondents' constitutional rights.
27 Mar
S v Eadie 196/01
Defence of non-pathological criminal incapacity due to a combination of emotional stress provocation and intoxication - not distinct from sane automatism - test for non-pathological criminal incapacity
27 Mar
Samcor (Manufacturing) (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service 265/00
Determination under s 65 of Customs and Excise Act; Commissioner requested to amend; whether restatement of the determination a new determination and appealable.
27 Mar
Sasria Ltd [formerly The South African Special Risks Insurance Assosiation] v Lloyds (Certain Underwriters At Lloyds 511/00
Mora interest : tacit term as to date when debt enforceable.
27 Mar
Lambrakis v Santam Ltd 412/00
Measure of damages for loss of support; interest on investment in deceased estate constitutes an accelerated benefit to heirs.
26 Mar
Biotech Laboratories (Pty) Ltd v Beecham Group Plc and another 494/00
Access to information under s32 of Constitution - preservation of secrecy under s30 of National Prosecuting Authority Act 32 of 1998 - whether Investigating Director entitled to rely on s30 for refusal to allow access.
25 Mar
Investigating Director of the Investigating Directorate: Serious Economic Offences and another v Gutman NO 477/00
Access to information under s32 of Constitution - preservation of secrecy under s30 of National Prosecuting Authority Act 32 of 1998 - whether Investigating Director entitled to rely on s30 for refusal to allow access.
25 Mar
Mkangeli and others v Joubert and others 220/01
Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997 - also applies where eviction of "occupier" sought by someone other than owner of the land.
25 Mar
Municipality of Port Elizabeth v Smit 450/00
All disputes between parties resolved by agreement prior to hearing of appeal - Court's power in such circumstances to entertain the appeal on its merits, assumed not decided - appeal dismissed under s 21A(1) of Act 59 of 1959.
25 Mar
Total Support Management (Pty) Ltd and another v Diversified Health Systems (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd and another 457/00
Arbitration - alleged misconduct by arbitrator - principles applicable - s 33(1) of the Constitution has no application - no misconduct established - costs.
25 Mar
Van Reenen Steel (Pty) Ltd v Smith NO and another 097/01
Mistake in contract; common assumptions - their effect
25 Mar
ABSA Bank Ltd v Van De Vyver NO 724/99
Offers of payment in full settlement.
22 Mar
Union Spinning Mills (Pty) Ltd v Paltex Dye House (Pty) Ltd and another 453/00
Applicability, on the facts, of standard trading terms.
22 Mar
Absa Bank Bpk v Janse Van Rensburg 107/01
Bank se eis op oortrokke rekening - klient se aanspraak op oorverhaalde rente - teeneis nie verweer nie - klient nie geregtig op debat van rekening nie.
14 Mar
Weenen Transitional Local Council v Van Dyk 399/00
Local authority - Ordinance requiring four notices before rates become due and payable - failure to comply.
14 Mar
OK Bazaars (1929) Limited v Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd 278/00
Misstatement - whether made negligently - whether causing loss - new causative act not breaking chain of causation.
12 Mar
Nel NO and others v Master of the High Court and others 290/00
Termination of concursus creditorum - Interpretation of s348 of the Companies Act, 1973
08 Mar
Akasia Road Surfacing (Pty) Ltd en 'n ander v Shoredits Holdings Ltd en andere 258/00
Eksepsie - vaagheid van ware ooreenkoms tussen partye staan nie in weg van aanspraak op rektifikasie deur verweerder.
07 Mar
First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd v Commissioner for Inland Revenue 343/00
Income Tax - whether income accruing to the appellant was "from a source within . . . the Republic" in terms of the definition of "gross income" in sec 1 of the Income Tax Act - principles applicable.
07 Mar