Judgments 2001


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  Citation & Summary
Jackson v Jackson 018/01
Variation of custody order after divorce – onus; factors relevant where custodian spouse wishes to emigrate with the children.
29 Nov
Brahman and another v Dippenaar 211/00
Actio de pauperie - voortbestaan en vereistes
29 Nov
Batchelor v Gabie 125/00
The meaning of the words ' … such lessor reasonably requires the entire premises for his personal occupation or use …' in s 28 (d) (i) of the Rent Control Act 80 of 1976, discussed.
28 Nov
Registrateur Van Aandelebeurse v Aldum en andere 320/00
Beweerde gesimuleerde ooreenkomste - leningsooreenkomste nie verbloemde koopkontrakte nie.
28 Nov
Road Accident Fund v Sauls 423/00
Claim by betrothed lady witnessing her fiance being injured - shock resulting in post-traumatic stress syndrome - claim allowed.
28 Nov
Sindani v Van Der Merwe and others 212/00
Whether the imputation in a newspaper article that the appellant abused the first respondent as 'white trash' is defamatory of the appellant
27 Nov
BoE Bank Ltd v Ries 247/00
Aquilian liability - wrongfulness - insurance broker doing a favour by supplying a form for change of beneficiary under life policy - insured doing nothing further before his death
27 Nov
Sasol Synthetic Fuels (Pty) Ltd and others v Lambert and others 007/01
Supposed clash between s 36(2) of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 and s 1 of the Assessment of Damages Act 9 of 1969
27 Nov
De Beer v Keyser and others 195/00
Franchise agreement - whether void for vagueness or contrary to public policy - reciprocity of obligations.
23 Nov
S v Abrahams 088/00
Appropriate sentence for the rape by a father of his fourteen year-old daughter - application of 'substantial and compelling circumstances' criterion under Act 105 of 1997.
23 Nov
National Director Of Public Prosecutions v Rebuzzi 094/00
Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998 - restraint order - whether permissible where victim of crime has a claim against the defendant.
23 Nov
Golden Fried Chicken (Pty) Ltd v Sirad Fast Foods CC and others 158/00
Tacit relocation of franchise agreement.
22 Nov
Van Hulsteyns Attorneys v Government RSA and another 506/99
Stolen cheque - posssession through a collecting bank for purposes of liability in terms of sec 81 of the Bills of Exchange Act.
19 Nov
S v York 070/01
Rape - possibility of consent even if this not the defence raised.
19 Nov
Makhathini v Road Accident Fund 021/00
MVA - Whether a report by an unidentified policeman recording a statement by a driver, since deceased, about the speed at which he was driving when a collision occurred in which a child was injured, ought
14 Nov
Woerman NO and another v Masondo and others 428/99
Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act 3 of 1996 - S 2(5) does not apply to actions pending at the time of its introduction.
09 Nov
ABSA Bank Limited t/a Volkskas Bank v Page and another 105/00
Interpretation of court order - limited suretyship - discharge of surety by payment by principal debtor - only where liability of principal debtor and surety co-extensive.
28 Sep
Steenkamp v South African Broadcasting Corporation 113/00
Magistrate's finding on liability in damages claim not appealable.
28 Sep
National Director of Public Prosecutions v Basson 131/00
Section 18(1) of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998 - whether retrospective in effect.
28 Sep
Road Accident Fund v Samela 151/00
Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund Act, 93 of 1989 - conveyance 'for reward' and 'in the course of the business of the owner' of the motor vehicle in terms of art 46 of the Schedule interpreted.
28 Sep
Swartz v Delport 224/00
Nalatigheid - Botsing tussen motorvoertuig en bees op openbare pad - eienaar van draadheining langs openbare pad - plig van - feit dat bees deur draadheining toegang tot pad verkry het nie op sigself aanduiding van nalatigheid nie.
28 Sep
NBS Bank Ltd v Cape Produce Company Pty Ltd and others 281/99
Ostensible authority of a bank manager - issuing letters of undertaking to repay deposits - part of a fraudulent scheme - not within actual authority - bank liable on basis of estoppel.
28 Sep
South African Eagle Insurance Company Ltd v NBS Bank Ltd 294/99
Ostensible authority to contract - acknowledgements of debt.
28 Sep
Special Investigating Unit v Nadasen 005/01
Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act 74 of 1996 and Proclamation R24 of 14 Mar 1997: interpretation; area of jurisdiction.
28 Sep
Columbus Joint Venture v Absa Bank Ltd 065/00
Banker's duty of care to owner of cheque - opening of new account - for existing customer - verified details of such customer serving as disincentive to fraudulent use of new account
28 Sep
Arjo Wiggins Ltd v Idem (Pty) Ltd and another 069/00
Promotional use on goods not themselves the object of trade is not bona fide use for the purposes of s 27 of the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993
28 Sep
Nedcor Bank Ltd v Master of the High Court and others 440/00
Interpretation of s 40(2) of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 - method of computation of time - whether statutory method prescribed in s 4 of the Interpretation Act 33 of 1957 or the "clear days" method applicable
27 Sep
S v Bull and another 221/00
Constitutionality of ss 286A and 286B of the Criminal Procedure Act - Dangerous Offender legislation - Indefinite imprisonment compared with life imprisonment
26 Sep
Nkosi and another v Buhrmann 001/00
Occupier under Extension of Security of Tenure Act - whether has right to bury family member on land of owner without owner's consent.
25 Sep
Golden Seabird Maritime Inc and another v Alam Tenggiri SDN BHD and another 159/00
The provisions regarding a 'deemed arrest' in s3(10)(1)(a) of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act 105 of 1983 apply to a security arrest in terms of s5(3)(a) of the Act
25 Sep
Hulse-Reutter and others v Godde 034/00
Attachment to confirm jurisdiction - prima facie case - mere assertions not enough - piercing corporate veil - need for some misuse or abuse of distinction between company and those who control it.
25 Sep
Mostert NO v Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Ltd 083/01_2
No Summary
25 Sep
Lid Van Die Uitvoerende Raad Vir Plaaslike Bestuur: Mpumalanga, Padayachee NO v Independent Municipal And Allied Trade Union ("Imatu") and others 086/00
A provincial government has no constitutional duty towards a local authority to provide it with funds to enable the local authority to pay its debts.
25 Sep
S v Lubaxa 372/00
Criminal procedure - discharge at close of prosecution case - when required - whether on facts appellant proved to be guilty.
21 Sep
Milner Street Properties (Pty) Ltd v Eckstein Properties (Pty) Ltd 488/99
Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991 - sale of immovable property by and to registered vendor as a going concern - formalities for zero rating prescribed by 1994 amendment to s11(1)(e) not complied with - parties unaware of amendment
21 Sep
Commissioner For South African Revenue Service v Woulidge 024/00
Section 7(3) of Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 - whether income resulting from sale of shares to children's trusts income in hands of parent - interest free credit to acquire shares - applicability of in duplum rule to tax payable under the section
20 Sep
Steinberg v South Peninsula Municipality 520/99
Deprivation/expropriation of rights in property - s25 of the Constitution - 'constructive' expropriation - approval of road scheme not yet implemented does not amount to a taking.
19 Sep
Fedlife Assurance Ltd v Wolfaardt 450/99
Damages for repudiation of fixed-term employment contract - if not whether such claim excluded by Labour Relations Act No 66 of 1995 - if not, whether Labour Court has exclusive jurisdiction in respect of such a claim
18 Sep
Body Corporate Of Caroline Court 505/99
In an application by a body corporate, established in terms of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986, for a provisional order for its winding-up due to its inability to pay its debts
12 Sep
Fedsure General Insurance Ltd v Carefree Investments (Pty) Ltd 477/99
Marine insurance policy - transit clause - whether goods in ordinary course of transit when stolen.
11 Sep
Cape Killarney Property Investments (Pty) Ltd v Mahamba and others 495/99
Procedural requirements of s 4 of the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998.
10 Sep
Capri Oro (Pty) Ltd and others v Commissioner of Customs and Excise and others 483/99
Goods brought into South Africa and not declared as required by s15(1) of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 are liable to forfeiture in terms of s87(1).
07 Sep
Road Accident Fund v Hansa 490/99
Repeal of Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund Act 93 of 1989 by the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 - Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund not surviving as a separate juristic person but subsumed in the Road Accident Fund.
31 Aug
Permanent Secretary Department of Welfare,Eastern Cape Provincial Government and another v Ngxuza and others 493/00
Class action under Constitution - quintessential requisites for action and requirements for definitiJurisdiction
31 Aug
Mostert NO v Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Ltd 083/01
Pension fund - legal personality - party to policy underwriting fund -
01 Jun
Sheriff of Cape Town v Mt Argun, her owners and all persons interested in her and others 166/00
Liability of arresting parties to sheriff for expenses incurred in preserving ship arrested in terms of act 105 of 1983 - on the facts, sheriff not entitled to order for sale of ship to recover such expenses
01 Jun
Coin Security Group (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Labour and others 018/00
The industrial court has exclusive jurisdiction to determine demarcation disputes in respect of industrial council agreements which remained in force in terms of item 12(1) of Schedule 7 to Act 66 of 1995
01 Jun
S v Fourie 203/00
Petition - whether scope of appeal can be extended to deal with matters finally determined on petition i t o s 316(a) of Act 51 of 1977
01 Jun
Govender v Minister of Safety and Security 342/99
Section 49 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 - use of lethal violence to prevent a suspect from fleeing; constitutional construction of reasonableness; new approach
01 Jun
First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd v Rosenblum and another 392/99
Bank - safe deposit box and contents stolen - employee of bank complicit in theft - liability of bank - interpretation of exemption from liability clause in agreement
01 Jun
Thoroughbred Breeders' Association of South Africa v Price Waterhouse 416/99
Auditor - duties of vis-à-vis client - negligent failure by auditor, in auditing the books of a company, to appreciate the significance of (and pursue) certain unusual features and discrepancies in the company's books of account
01 Jun
Nestlé (South Africa) Pty Ltd v Mars Incorporated 333/99
Advertising Standards Authority - obligation to consider complaints referred to it in terms of Code of Advertising Practice
31 May
Peregrine Group (Pty) Ltd and others v Peregrine Holdings Ltd and others 382/99
Company names: "undesirable" or "calculated to cause damage" under s 45(2A) of the Companies Act 61 of 1973
31 May
Associated Institutions Pension Fund v Le Roux and others 196/00
The transfer regulations promulgated on 22 April 1994 under the Associated Institutions Pension Fund Act 41 of 1963 contemplated the employment of actuarial assumptions in the calculation of pension fund members'
30 May
S v Kok 324/00
Alleged automatism said to arise from post traumatic stress disorder - such would not be "sane" but a mental illness in terms of s 78 (6) of Act 51 of 1977 - defence rejected on the facts
30 May
S v Shackell 380/99
Recusal of judicial officer - expert's opinion based on unproven facts - role of inherent improbabilities in criminal case - sentence for culpable homicide
30 May
S v Farmer 395/00
Appèl teen verwerping van korrektiewe vonnis as vonnisopsie - prosedure by aanhoor van aansoek om kondonasie vir laat liassering van kennisgewing van appèl waar enigste geskilpunt die meriete van die saak is
30 May
Lion Match Company Ltd v Paper Printing Wood & Allied Workers Union and others 406/99
Review of application to establish conciliation board - review brought after conciliation board failed to resolve dispute - application dismissed because not brought within a reasonable time
30 May
Cussons and others v Kroon 254/98
Vennootskapsbates - bedoeling van vennote bepalend onderling - a 3(b) Wet 70 van 1970 verbied nie registrasie van vennootskapsbate in naam van 'n vennoot
28 May
Chairman : Board On Tariffs And Trade and others v Brenco Incorporated and others 285/99
Procedural fairness in regard to the imposition of anti-dumping duties in terms of s 56 of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 read with s 4(2) of the Board on Tariffs and Trade Act, 107 of 1986
25 May
Provincial Government of the Eastern Cape and others v Contractprops 25 (Pty) Ltd 414/99
Leases concluded by Department without reference to Tender Board - leases invalid for want of compliance with s 4(1) of the Tender Board Act (Eastern Cape) 2 of 1994 - doctrine of estoppel inapplicable
25 May
Isando Foods (Pty) Lrd v Fedgen Insurance Company Ltd 394/99
Insurance - fire - property "for which (the insured) are responsible" - limits insurer's liability to loss sustained by insured
23 May
ABSA Bank Ltd v Leech and others 442/98
Condictio indebiti - mistaken belief that amount paid was owing not established
23 May
S v Legote and another 206/99
S v Legote en 'n Ander 1999 (1) SASV 269 (O) word onder loep geneem: Waarde van vingerafdrukke as getuienis; onreëlmatige strafverrigtinge
22 May
Blue Lion Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd v National Brands Ltd 286/00
Passing off - wrappings of coconut biscuits - similar get-ups and similarly lettered marks Tennis and Tea Lovers - intention to take unlawful advantage of reputation relevant
18 May
Kommissaris Suid-Afrikaanse Inkomste Diens v Boedel Wyle A I J de Beer 328/99
Boedelbelasting - korting onder a 4(m) van Wet 45 van 1955 - "nie toegelaat is nie" in para (m)(ii) voor wysiging gedurende 1998 beteken "nie deur die Kommissaris toegelaat nie."
18 May
S v Van Aswegen 327/00
Strafverhoor — Juiste benadering teenoor bewyslas op Staat — Vonnis
17 May
Akani Garden Route (Pty) Ltd v Pinnacle Point Casino (Pty) Ltd 252/99
Review of disqualification for casino licence. Meaning of "policy determination"
17 May
Levi Strauss & Co v Coconut Trouser Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd 274/99
Trade marks: determination under s 17(3) of the Trade Marks Act 62 of 1963
17 May
Mouton v Boland Bank Ltd 401/99
Close corporations - s 26(5) and (7) of Act 69 of 1984 - deregistration and reregistration - reregistration of corporation does not release member who became personally liable upon deregistration
10 May
Smuts v Booyens 222/99
'n Privaatmaatskappy se aandele kan nie strydig met beperkings op die oordrag daarvan in die maatskappy se statute (soos vervat in artikels 21-24 van Tabel B van Bylae 1 van die Maatskappywet 61 van 1973)
02 Apr
Cape Metropolitan Council v Metro Inspection Services Western Cape CC and others 010/99
S 33 and 32 of the Constitution - whether cancellation of a contract constitutes ‘administrative action' - entitlement to information
30 Mar
Vermeulen v Goose Valley Investments (Pty) Ltd 121/99
S 2(1) Alienation of Land Act 68 of 1981 - adequacy of description of property sold - whether exception proceedings appropriate - exception misdirected
29 Mar
Sager v Smith 185/99
Recusal - test - reasonable apprehension of bias - application of test - whether comments made by magistrate in the course of ruling on recusal meets test
29 Mar
Food and Allied Workers Union and others v Scandia Delicatessen CC and another 276/99
Mandatory Interdict to enforce Industrial Court Order - whether criminal prosecution for breach of order adequate alternative remedy
29 Mar
Olitzki Property Holdings v State Tender Board and another 698/98
The procurement provision of the interim Constitution does not give rise to a civil claim for damages for lost profit; similarly, the administrative justice provisions in the Fundamental Rights chapter of the interim Constitution do not
28 Mar
Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery Ltd v Apostolos Vlachos t/a Liquor Den 117/99
Sale of business - estoppel - assisted misrepresentation - causation
27 Mar
Messina Associated Carriers v Kleinhaus 122/99
Vicarious liability of owner of motor car - not a passenger at time of accident
27 Mar
Gerber v Voorsitter: Komitee oor Amnestie van die Kommissie vir Waarheid en Versoening 021/99
Aansoek om tersydestelling van respondent se beslissing om amnestie te weier. Beweerde diskriminasie deur respondent
27 Mar
Government Employees' Pension Fund v Strydom 271/00
Magistrates - whether entitled unilaterally to resign - Government Employees' Pension Fund Rules, rule 14.3.1(b) and (d) - Interpretation
27 Mar
Barnard NO v Regspersoon Van Aminie Pro Admin Eiendomsbestuur and another 417/99
Wet op Deeltitels 95 van 1986 ("die Wet"). Sluit "alle gelde" soos bedoel in art 15 B (3)(a)(i)(aa) van die Wet regskoste in? Is bydraes betaalbaar in terme van die Wet "belasting" soos bedoel in art 89 (1) en (4) van die Insolvensiewet, 24 van 1936?
27 Mar
Mosehla v Sancor Ltd 052/99
Huurarbeider of plaaswerker kragtens Wet 3 van 1996 - summiere vonnis
27 Mar
Khumalo v Potgieter 177/99
The High Court has no jurisdiction in the absence of agreement between the parties to grant an interdict where the relief falls within the ambit of the Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997
26 Mar
S v Fatyi 180/00
Criminal appeal - indecent assault - whether substantial and compelling circumstances present
26 Mar
S v Rautenbach 186/99
Saambad van 'n meederjarige manspersoon en 'n seun onder 19 jaar, waar geen seksuele konnotasie of motief aan die optrede geheg kan word nie, is nie 'n onsedelike
26 Mar
Mutual And Federal Insurance Company v Day 278/99
MVA - whether a forklift with certain features is a motor vehicle as defined in Article 1 of the Agreement Establishing a Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund given the force
26 Mar
Seeff Commercial And Industrial Properties (Pty) Ltd v Silberman 304/98
Tacit acceptance of counter-offer. Terms of such acceptance
26 Mar
National Gambling Board v Free State Gambling Board and others 068/00
Gambling: special licences for gambling machines
26 Mar
S v Khambule and others 079/99
Roof en moord; leerstuk van gemeenskaplike oogmerk toegepas op onwettige besit van wapens en ammunisie en poging tot moord weens skote afgevuur op agtervolgende
26 Mar
First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd v Perry NO and others 199/00
Enrichment - condictio ob turpem vel iniustam causam - sufficient if knowledge of unlawfulness gained by defendant after he obtains possession
26 Mar
Den Norske Bank ASA v Madsen CV 139/99
Interpretation of s 11 (4) (c) of Act 105 of 1983 - when does a claim arise within the meaning of the section
23 Mar
Mayne v Main 182/99
"Residing in" - meaning of in terms of s 19(1)(a) of the Supreme Court Act - facts establishing jurisdiction
23 Mar
Smith v Mukheibir and others 286/99
Servitude - of road - Subdivision of dominant tenement - whether owner of subdivided portion has a right additional to that of dominant tenement before subdivision
23 Mar
Poswa v Member of the Executive Council Responsible for Economic Affairs Environment and Tourism 175/99
Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board - prohibition on spouse of "public servant" being member - ordinary meaning and meaning in the national Public Service Act to be attached to it -
22 Mar
Rentreag Marketing (Pty) Ltd and others v Commissioner of Customs and Excise 344/99
Classification of imported goods
22 Mar
S v Malgas 117/00
Minimum sentences for certain serious offences - murder - life imprisonment - s 51(3)(a) Act 51 of 1977 - substantial and compelling circumstances justifying lesser sentence- interpretation of provision
19 Mar
Comshipco Shiffahrtsagentur GmbH v Commissioner for South African Revenue Service 472/98
Address commission paid by a disponent owner of a ship to the charterer is not expenditure for the purposes of section 11 bis (4) (f) of the income Tax Act 58 of 1962 as amended
19 Mar
Cape Explosive Works Limited, Aeci Limited v Denel (PTY) LTD and others 060/99
Real rights erroneously omitted from subsequent title deeds - Binding on present owner
19 Mar
Minister of Safety And Security and another v Hamilton 006/99
An order dismissing an exception to a pleading on the ground that it is inappropriate to decide the issues by way of exception is not appealable
19 Mar
Dhlamini v Loock and another 676/98
Court - jurisdiction of Land Claims Court
19 Mar
McCarthy Retail Ltd v Shortdistance Carriers CC 110/99
Garage's action for necessary and useful expenses against owner with whom it has no contract - repaired in mistaken belief insurance company had instructed it - enrichment proved
16 Mar
Smith v Smith 112/00
Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1980 - acquiescence by wronged parent
16 Mar
Makhudu v Director Of Public Prosecutions 135/00
Reconstruction of record - ex tempore judgment on sentence unable to be reconstructed - consequence in considering appeal against sentence. Sentence
16 Mar
Nortjé and another v Minister of Correctional Services and others 213/99
Administratiefreg - Besluit om gevangenes na maksimum-sekuriteit gevangenis oor te plaas. Toepaslikheid en toepassing van die audi alteram partem-leerstuk
16 Mar
National Brands Ltd v Blue Lion Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd 228/99
Trade Mark infringement
16 Mar
Cowbell AG v ICS Holdings Ltd 250/99
Trade mark registration. S 17 (1) Trade Marks Act 62 of 1963
16 Mar
Nach Investments (Pty) Ltd v Knight Frank South Africa (Pty) Ltd 054/99
Estate agent's claim for commission - whether agent effective cause of sale by providing an offer which triggers a right of pre-emption
16 Mar
Michael and another v Linksfield Park Clinic (Pty) Ltd and another 361/98
Medical negligence alleged - approach to expert evidence - whether a case for adverse costs order against successful defendant
13 Mar
De Freitas and another v Society of Advocates of Natal and another 120/99
Advocate - unprofessional conduct - accepting instructions without intervention of attorney - whether the Bar is a referral profession and, if so, whether change is required
09 Mar
Commissioner for Inland Revenue v Van der Merwe and others 249/99
Income Tax - part of business of insurance company liquidated under Insurance Act - levy of tax
09 Mar
S v Cassiem 261/00
Theft - clothing worth R59 831,52 found in appellant's possession - proof of theft. Sentence - whether sentence of seven years' imprisonment competent under s 276(1)(i) of Act 51 of 1977
08 Mar
Thompson v South African Broadcasting Corporation 622/98
Reconsideration of a costs order made by the SCA
08 Mar
EBN Trading (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner for Customs and Excise and another 653/98
Customs Act - extended definition of "importer" - "beneficially interested" in goods - financier - letters of credit - bills of lading - affairs arranged so that security lay in goods
02 Mar
Monsanto Company v MDB Animal Health (Pty) Ltd (formerly MD Biologics CC) 467/99
Patent interpretation and infringement
26 Feb
Naude and others v Heatlie and others 180/99
Afskaffing van Waterhowe deur Wet 36 van 1998; effek op hangende gedinge; besproeiingsrade se bevoegdhede ingevolge Wet 54 van 1956
23 Feb
Middelberg v Prokureursorde van Transvaal 565/98
Skrapping van prokureur van rol - siviele verrigtinge kragtens art 20(4) van die Hooggeregshofwet - verlof om te appelleer nodig
22 Feb