Judgments 2000


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  Citation & Summary
Van Immerzeel & Pohl and another v Samancor Ltd 543/98
Construction Contract - Identity of Contractor - Prescription -Knowledge of identity of debtor- Proof of Cession - Damages claim by employer for breach of construction contract where work to be done on land of third party - contractor liable for breach by nominated sub-contractor - reduction of damages claim
30 Nov
Syfrets Participation Bond Managers Ltd v Commissioner for South African Revenue Service 620/98
Income Tax - whether participations by manager of participation bond scheme in scheme are "trading stock" - whether any diminution in value by reason
30 Nov
Datacolor International (Pty) Ltd v Intamarket (Pty) Ltd 002/99
Anticipatory breach of contract - objective test for repudiation - whether certain letters amounted to an unlawful repudiation or merely to an offer to
30 Nov
Chairman of the Board on Tariffs and Trade v Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Ltd and another 118/99
Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 - repeal of note 5(vi)(a)(ii) to rebate item 609.17 of Schedule 6 - effect thereof - whether right to approach the Board on Tariffs and Trade for a recommendation in terms thereof survived the repeal - s 12(2)(c) of the Interpretation Act 33 of 1957
30 Nov
S v Koutandos 119/01
On plurality if counts - cumulative effect
29 Nov
Van der Berg v Coopers & Lybrand Trust (Pty) Ltd and others 466/98
Defamation - of advocate in course of legal proceedings - privileged occasion - relevance - vicarious liability - quantum
29 Nov
Thompson v South African Broadcasting Corporation 622/98
Claim for damages in delict - whether element of causation proved
29 Nov
Saccawu v President of the Industrial Tribunal and another 522/98
Industrial Tribunal - members alleged to be biased - whether bias established
29 Nov
Kaap Suiwelkoöperasie Ltd v Louw 089/99
Koöperasie - bedanking as lid - ooreenkoms om inwerkingtrede te vervroeg
29 Nov
Gauteng Provincial Legislature v Kilian and others 562/98
Powers of the Speaker of the Gauteng Legislature to give an undertaking in regard to costs concerning the resolution of a dispute as to the constitutionality of a Bill by the Constitutional Court in terms of ss 98(2)(d) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 200 of 1993
29 Nov
Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service v Executor of the Estate of the Late Waldo Earl Frith 404/99
Estate duty - Section 4(q) deduction - computation
29 Nov
National Sorghum Breweries (Pty) Ltd t/a Vivo Africa Breweries v International Liquor Distributors (Pty) Ltd 072/99_1; 072/99_2
Claims for restitution and damages in separate actions. Exceptio rei judicatae and the "once and for all" rule
28 Nov
Zwiegelaar v Zwiegelaar 607/98
Section 7(2) of the Divorce Act No 70 of 1979 - what constitutes maintenance
28 Nov
Sunny South Canners (Pty) Ltd v Mbangxa and others 297/99
Locus standi of the liquidators of a corporation to launch liquidation proceedings against a debtor company; discretion of the court to grant a liquidation order
28 Nov
Hlobo v Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund 003/99
Litigation - action settled by agreement between attorneys - sefendant contending that authority given to its attorney was given in error - application to set aside settlement
28 Nov
Ess Kay Electronics (Pty) Ltd and another v First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd 581/98
Vicarious liability for employee's fraud - course of employment - ostensible authority
28 Nov
Dabelstein and others v Lane & Fey NNO 112/99
Attachment to found or confirm jurisdiction - prima facie case - insolvency - setting aside disposition in compliance with court order
28 Nov
Cape Metropolitan Council v Graham 157/99
Landslide on Chapman's Peak Drive on the Cape Peninsula - wet period - motorist seriously injured - local government body entrusted with management of road held to be liable in delict
27 Nov
Nedcor Bank Beperk v Regering van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika 585/98
Bevrydende verjaring - begin van loop van - kennis van die feite waaruit die skuld ontstaan het - delektuele aksie teen invorderingsbankier - betaling strydig met die trekker se opdrag - of eiser kennis moet dra aan wie betaling gemaak is alvorens verjaring kan begin loop
24 Nov
Commissioner of SA Revenue Services v Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Limited 153/99
Income Tax - Capital receipts or accruals - vehicles used by the manufacturer in conducting its business and then sold
24 Nov
Road Accident Fund v Russell 656/98
Legal causation - whether death by suicide of a person of impaired mind and judgment, a novus actus interveniens
24 Nov
Cooper NO and others v South African Mutual Life Assurance Society and others 528/98
Sections 414(2) and 424 of the Companies Act 61 of 1973
22 Nov
S v Peterson en 'n ander 374/99
Jeugdiges behoort nie gevangenisstraf opgelê te word sonder volledige verslae en getuienis van proefbeamptes of maatskaplike beamptes of sielkundiges nie.
21 Nov
Peters NO and others v Schoeman and others 288/98
Company law - Contravention of s38 of Act 61 of 1973 - Scheme for avoiding of - court to have regard to true nature of agreement and disregard parties' description thereof
10 Nov
Transnet Ltd v Goodman Brothers (Pty) Ltd 373/98
Duty to give reasons to unsuccessful tenderer under the Constitution - administrative action - right or interest to obtain reasons
09 Nov
Carmichele v Minister of Safety and Security and another 310/98
Delictual action for damages
02 Oct
Moloi and others v Road Accident Fund 413/98
Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Regulations, 1989 - Regulation 3(2)(a)(i) - Validity
29 Sep
McCarthy v Additional Magistrate, Johannesburg and others 401/98
Constitutionality of ss 286A and 286B of the Criminal Procedure Act - Dangerous Offender legislation - Indefinite imprisonment compared with life imprisonment
29 Sep
Coin Security Group (Pty) Ltd v SA National Union for Security Officers and others 223/98
Appeal dismissed in terms of s 21A of Supreme Court Act 59 of 1959
29 Sep
Bata Ltd v Face Fashions CC and another 206/98
Trade marks - alleged infringements - sections 34(1)(a) and (c) of the Trade Marks Act, 1993
29 Sep
De Jager en andere v ABSA Bank Bpk 303/98
Regsgeldigheid van onderneming deur 'n skuldenaar om nie verjaring te opper nie na uitwissing van onderliggende skuld
29 Sep
Tecmed (Pty) Ltd v Eastern Cape Provincial Tender Board and others 451/98
Review of Tender Board's decision to award tender - costs
29 Sep
Greathead v South African Commercial Catering & Allied Workers Union 290/98
Invalidity of agency shop agreement - failure to comply with provisions of s25(3) of Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995
29 Sep
Commissioner for Customs & Excise v Standard General Insurance Company Ltd and Standard General Insurance Company Ltd v Commissioner for Customs & Excise 507/98, 571/98
Customs Act 91 of 1964 - Whether s 99(5) is a limitation period. Applicability of s 13(1)(g) read with s 16(1) of the Prescription Act 68 of 1969 to a claim in terms of the Customs Act
29 Sep
Coetzee v Meevis 286/98
Unlawful attachment - sheriff's liability
29 Sep
South African Raisins (Pty) Ltd and another v SAD Holdings Ltd and another 176/00
Competition Act 89 of 1998 - Whether raisin industry falls within its ambit or within the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act 47 of 1996
29 Sep
Eastern Metropolitan Substructure of the Greater Johannesburg Transitional v Venter NO 334/98
Insolvency - payment to obtain clearance certificate under section 50 of Local Government Ordinance 1939 (Transvaal).
29 Sep
Director of Public Prosecutions Transvaal v Roberts 305/99
Sentence - murder of ex-wife by strangulation - appeal by Director of Public Prosecutions against leniency of wholly suspended sentence of 15 years imprisonment - mitigating circumstances present - sentence altered to 7 years imprisonment
29 Sep
Fairleigh NO v Whitehead and another 541/98
Interpretation and operation of the since-invalidated ss 44(1) and (2) of the Insurance Act 27 of 1943, which dealt with insurance policies effected or ceded in favour of a wife
29 Sep
Cooper NO v First National Bank of SA Ltd 272/98
Issue of warrant in terms of sec 69(3) of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 - when notice to affected person required
29 Sep
S v Mohlathe 230/99
Further evidence in support of application for condonation for late filing of heads of argument in Court below admitted on appeal - circumstances justifying admission of such evidence
29 Sep
S v Ningi and another 127/99
Sentence - 18 months imprisonment for public violence - correctional supervision not a sentencing option by reason of imprisonment imposed on other counts - convictions on other counts set aside on appeal
29 Sep
S v Swart 247/99
Verskerping daarvan op appèl - Oplegging van globale vonnis - neem van twee of meer klagtes vir vonnisdoeleindes onwenslike praktyk, maar blote verontagsaming van praktyksreël nie noodwendig 'n mistasting nie
29 Sep
S v Mathlare 389/99
Criminal trial - whether admissions deducible from questions put in cross-examination by accused's legal representative
29 Sep
H L & H Timber Products (Pty) Ltd v Sappi Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd 281/98
Forest fire - s 84 of the Forest Act 122 of 1984 - onus
29 Sep
Plaaslike Oorgangsraad van Bronkhorstspruit v Senekal 389/98
Uitleg van'n uitspraak van 'n hof; uitleg van die statute van 'n gratifikasiefonds, betekenis van oortolligheid (redundancy) en uitdiensstelling (retrenchment). Bestrawwende kostebevele teen praktisyns
29 Sep
Kelvin Park Properties CC v Paterson NO 558/98
Insolvency - s 34(1), Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 - whether insolvent "trader" as envisaged by s 34 - whether property on which business conducted by insolvent formed part of business
29 Sep
ABSA Bank Limited v Bond Equipment (Pretoria) (Pty) Ltd 580/98
Delictual action for damages against collecting bank guilty of negligence - vicarious liability of claimant for wrongful action of its employee in regard to the proceeds of cheques of the employer wrongfully stolen by the employee for his own benefit
29 Sep
Purser v Sales 613/98; 614/98
Practice - Judgments and Orders - Foreign judgments - Enforcement of - action defended - whether failure to object to jurisdiction amounts to submission thereto.
28 Sep
Mamabolo v Rustenburg Regional Local Council 229/98
Review - Undue delay - applicable principles - Rules of natural justice - Procedural fairness - compliance therewith - i r o termination of employment
26 Sep
Wessels NO v De Jager NO en ‘n ander 657/98
No Summary
22 Sep
Pretorius v Slabbert 486/98
Non-joinder - raised mero motu - not to speculate on what uninvited party might wish to say - appeal postponed
22 Sep
Johnson v Hirotec (Pty) Ltd 383/98
Winding-up of company unable to pay debts - factors to be considered - whether provisional order required
22 Sep
Krige Le Roux v Standard General Versekerings-Maatskappy Bpk 440/98
Uitleg van art 156 van die Insolvensiewet 24 van 1936 - eiser verkry nie beter reg onder artikel as wat die versekerde self geniet het nie - versekeraar kan op sy kontraktuele regte kragtens polis staatmaak
21 Sep
ABSA Bank Beperk v De Villiers 443/98
Borgtog - Verjaringswet - Beletsel ingevolge art 13(1)(g).
15 Sep
Singh v McCarthy Retails Ltd (t/a McIntosh Motors) 429/98
Contract - malperformance - right of rescission - test - value judgment of Court.
14 Sep
Adel Builders (Pty) Ltd v Thompson 274/98
Unliquidated damages claimed - pre-judgment interest - discretion of Court
12 Sep
Cooper and others v Syfrets Trust Limited 226/98
Investment advice negligently given in 1990 to the appellant by an employee of the respondent to invest in Masterbond - whether such advice held firm for a reinvestment made by the appellant in Masterbond in 1991
11 Sep
S v Rheeder 173/97
Verwydering en gebruik van eiendom sonder toestemming van die eienaar - oortreding van Artikel 1(1) van die Algemene Regswysigingswet 50 van 1956
08 Sep
Nedcor Bank Limited v Lloyd-Gray Lithographers (Pty) Limited 257/98
Delictual action for damages against collecting bank - computation of damages - bank and thief for whom amount of cheque collected concurrent wrongdoers at common law - full amount of loss recoverable from bank
08 Sep
Mars Incorporated v Cadbury (Swaziland) (Pty) Limited and another 427/98
Trade marks - defensive trade marks - s 70 of the Trade Marks Act, 1993
08 Sep
S M Goldstein & Co (Pty) Limited v Cathkin Park Hotel (Pty) Ltd and another 513/98
Delictual liability of building contractor to owner and third parties
08 Sep
Mostert v Cape Town City Council 356/98
burst water main - cause uncertain - inappropriateness of res ipsa reasoning - extent of municipality's duty to prevent damage to property - insurance - pressure testing - replacement - cost of compared with damage done
07 Sep
Commissioner for the SA Revenue Services v Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Ltd 337/98
ncome Tax - Third Proviso to s79(1) of Act 58 of 1962 - whether general prevailing practice established
01 Sep
Serva Ship Limited v Discount Tonnage Limited 263/98
Jurisdiction - situs of rights in personam - maritime claims
31 Aug
Midrand/ Rabie Ridge/ Ivory Park Metropolitan Substructure v Strydom 194/98
Ordinance 11 of 1977 - Local Authorities (Transvaal) - rating
31 Aug
Gordon Lloyd Page & Associates v Rivera and another 384/98
Confidential information
31 Aug
Dali and others v Government of Republic of South Africa and another 623/98; 627/98
Privatisation Venda Pension Fund - amounts due - retrospectivity of S 8 of Proc 9 of 1993(V)
31 May
Commissioner for South African Revenue Services v Foodcorp Limited 134/98
Income Tax - what constitutes "a mining property" in terms of Section 37 of Income Tax Act - referral back to Commissioner for re-assessment
31 May
Van Der Merwe v Bonaero Park (Edms) Bpk 106/98
Voorlopige vonnis - eiser se versuim om op aanvraag behoorlik sekerheid ingevolge reël 8(9) te stel
31 May
Mthembu v Letsela and another 071/98
No Summary
30 May
Baudach v United Tobacco Company Ltd 126/98
Unfair labour practice - employer misrepresenting to employee that his position had become redundant - agreement to accept package in full and final settlement not binding
30 May
Minister of Health and another v Maliszewski and others 624/98
Registration of medical doctors with foreign qualifications - extension of special dispensation given in 1991 by SA Medical and Dental Council. Punitive costs order as regards unnecessary exhibits
30 May
ABSA Bank Beperk v Ons Beleggings BK 488/98
Bank se aanspreeklikheid vir skadevergoeding teenoor kliënt - bewys van skade.
29 May
Municipality of Cape Town v Bakkerud 311/97
Municipality - permissive road and pavement repairing powers - liability at common law for damage caused by holes in pavement - widening of ambit of liability for omissions in law of delict - whether earlier "municipality cases" decided in AD remain authoritative
29 May
Road Accident Fund v Mothupi 518/98
Third Party claim - insurer invokes prescription - plaintiff's response, based on the insurer's concession of the negligence of the insured driver, fourfold: (i) implied waiver; (ii) estoppel; (iii) interruption; (iv) constitutional unfairness
29 May
Lieberman v Santam Ltd 168/98
Special plea of prescription misdirected. Appellant's cause of action not based upon the Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund Act 93 of 1989 but upon a new agreement between the parties
29 May
Premier of the Free State Provincial Government and others v Firechem Free State (Pty) Limited 548/98
Tender boards - proper tender procedures - interpretation of contracts - presumption of legality - agreements to agree - severance - fictional fulfilment - record - costs of disallowed - practice note - part of counsel's fees disallowed
29 May
Bekker and another v Oos-Vrystaat Kaap Koöperasie Beperk 211/98
Validity of conclusive evidence clause in co-operative society statute - where no written objection by member within three months - when additional finance charges recoverable under sec 4(1) - whether finance charges recoverable despite non-compliance by creditor with sec 10(6)
26 May
Minister of Safety and Security v Jordaan 087/98
Motor collision - whether policeman driving in the course and scope of his employment.
26 May
South African Chemical Workers Union and another v African Commerce Developing Company (Pty) Ltd t/a Buffalo Tapes 107/98
Labour Law - condonation - grant of - appealability - interpretation of s17 (21A)(a) of Act 28 of 1956
26 May
Schlumberger Logelco Inc v Coflexip S A 700/98
Patent infringement within the exclusive economic zone
25 May
NST Ferrochrome (Pty) Limited v Commissioner for Inland Revenue 526/97
Deduction in terms of s 12 C of Income Tax Act - meaning of "any person" in subpara (d)(iv) of definition of "connected person" in s 1.
25 May
Prince v President of the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope and others 220/98
Candidate attorney - contract of community service - Whether applicant for registration is a fit and proper person if he persists in using cannabis in the observance of his Rastafarian religion - General prohibition in s 4 (b) of Act 140 of 1992 and s 22A (10) of Act 101 of 1065 not unconstitutional
25 May
S v Jonas 586/97
Criminal procedure - numerous serious misdirections by magistrate - as to major conflicts between State witnesses, evaluation of defence witnesses, facts conceded by State, whether unlawful in itself to enter bus through open window
12 May
Supreme Gambling CC v Minister of Safety and Security and others 166/99
Statutes: promulgation and commencement
12 May
S v Boesak 105/99
Criminal law - theft and fraud - authenticity and admissibility of letter apparently written by appellant - inferences therefrom - when deviation from purpose for which trust money donated amounts to theft - sentence
12 May

Van Rensburg v Minister of Defence 424/98
Defence act regulations - interpretation - differences between English and Afrikaans texts - appellant attempting to reject one condition of his transfer while accepting others

31 Mar
Standard Bank Investment Corporation v Competition Commission and others 44/2000 Part 01 & 44/2000 Part 2
Bank merger - insurance merger - regulatory authorities - whether Minister of Finance and Registrar of Long-Term Insurance - or whether competition authorities as well - interpretation of statutes - literal and purposive construction
31 Mar
Kempton Park/Tembisa Metropolitan Substructure v Kelder 051/98
Municipal council - interpretation of Council Resolutions - Mandamus to Compel Compliance
31 Mar
David Trust and others v Aegis Insurance Company Ltd and another 645/97
Insurance - professional indemnity policy - accountants accepting mandate to administer and invest funds of clients in a money market - theft by
31 Mar
Provinsie van die Vrystaat v Williams NO 554/97
Gevolge van wysiging van besonderhede van vordering op voldoening aan vereistes van Wet op Beperking van Regsgedinge 94 van 1970
29 Mar
National Police Service Union and others v Minister of Safety and Security and others 651/97
Police Service - Rationalisation scheme providing for transfer of members to fixed establishment - promulgation not required - whether membership of Police Medical Scheme compulsory
29 Mar
S v Sadler 057/99
Sentence - appeal by State - increase of - when justified - "white collar" crime
28 Mar
LSA UK Ltd (formerly Curtainz Ltd) and others v Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd and others 222/98
Company law - respective competencies of organs of company - interpretation of shareholders' agreement and articles of association
28 Mar
LSA UK Ltd (formerly Curtainz Ltd) and others v Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd and others 222/98_2
Company law - respective competencies of organs of company - interpretation of shareholders' agreement and articles of association
28 Mar
Jowell v Bramwell-Jones and others 543/97
Claim for pure economic loss - advice wrongfully given to trustee - exception - duty of trustee where trust property comprises shares in holding company - claim for damages by capital beneficiary before termination of trust - claim premature
28 Mar
Jasat v Natal Law Society 078/98
Attorney committing perjury in criminal proceedings and suborning another to do likewise - struck off rol
28 Mar
Control Chemicals v Safbank Line Ltd and others 584/97
Insuffiency of proof - carriage of dangerous goods by sea - explosion -various theories as to cause - something extraordinary and unexplained must have happened - appropriate order one of absolution from the instance
28 Mar
Associated Paint & Chemical Industries (Pty) Ltd t/a Albestra Paint and Lacquers v Smit 582/97
Amendment of claim - prescription - interruption - 15(1) of prescription Act 68 of 1969
28 Mar
S v Birkenfield 561/98
Criminal law - Culpable homicide arising out of traffic accident - Sentence - Subsequent facts generally excluded - Correctional supervision in terms of section 276(1)(i) of Criminal Procedure Act
27 Mar
S v Wright 033/99
Criminal law - theft of police docket - sentence increased
24 Mar

Telecall (Pty) Ltd v Logan 060/98
Pension fund - arbitration - necessity for formulated dispute - interpretation of fund rules

23 Mar
Martin Harris & Seuns Ovs (Edms) Bpk v Qwa Qwa Regeringsdiens 674/92
Boukontrak - skadevergoeding - beweerde vertragings deur argitek en ingenieur - mora creditoris - verjaring
23 Mar
S v Spies and another 018/99
Criminal Procedure: Right to fair trial. Whether pre-trial conduct of police breached accused's right to fair trial
22 Mar
Kriel NO and another v Le Roux 052/98
Art 2(1) van Wet op Vervreemding van Grond 68 van 1981 - identifikasie van koopsaak aan hand van omskrywing in koopkontrak
22 Mar
Director of Public Prosecutions : Natal v Magidela and another 029/97
Questions reserved in terms of section 319 of Act 51 of 1977 - whether properly reserved - duty of court to inform accused of right to silence
17 Mar
Stoffberg and others v All Stones Bk and others 010/98
Regte op gebruik van die water van 'n openbare stroom
16 Mar
Cadbury (Pty) Ltd v Beacon Sweets & Chocolates (Pty) Ltd and another 573/97
Trade marks - rectification by entry of disclaimer
16 Mar
S v Viveiros 075/98
Criminal appeal - onus of proof
09 Mar
Sefalana Employee Benefits Organisation v Haslam and others 553/97
Securities Regulation Code on Takeovers andMergers - whether mandatory offer to acquire shares of minority in a company must be made where transaction which would have resulted in change of control no longer to be implemented
03 Mar