All Projects

Projects dealt with by the Commission, with their related Issue Papers, Disscusion Papers and Reports.

Project 025: Statutory Law Revision: Legislation administered by the:

Project 042: Supplementary report on investigation into time limits for the institution of actions against the State

Project 047: Unreasonable Stipulations in Contracts and the Rectification of Contracts

Project 059: Islamic Marriages and Related Matters

Project 063: Review of the Law of Insolvency

Project 073: Access to the Criminal Justice System

Project 082: Sentencing Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Project 085: Aspects of the Law Relating to AIDS

Project 086: Euthanasia and the articial preservation of life

Project 088: Recognition of class actions and public interest actions in South African law

Project 090: Traditional courts and the judicial function of traditional leaders

Project 094: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Project 096: The Apportionment of Damages Act, 1956

Project 100: Review of the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 

Project 100D: Family Dispute Resolution: Care of and Contact with Children.

 Project 100E: Review of aspects of Matrimonial Property Law. 

Project 101: The application of the Bill of Rights to criminal procedure, criminal law and the law of evidence and sentencing

Project 104: Money Laundering and Related Matters

Project 105: Review of Security Legislation: The Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act 127 of 1992

Project 106: Juvenile Justice

Project 107: Sexual Offences 

Project 108: Computer related crime

Project 109: Review of the Marriage Act, 25 of 1961

Project 110: Review of the Child Care Act

Project 111: Constitutional Jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Courts

Project 112: Sharing of Pension Benefits

Project 113: The Use Of Electronic Equipment In Court Proceedings (Postponement Of Criminal Cases Via Audiovisual Link)

Project 114: Publication of Divorce Proceedings: Section 12 of the Divorce Act (Act 70 of 1979)

Project 115: Administrative Law

Project 118: Domestic Partnerships 

Project 119: Uniform legislation on the fencing of national roads

 Project 121: Consolidated Legislation Pertaining To International Co-Operation In Civil Matters

Project 122: Incapable Adults /Assisted Decision-Making: Adults With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity

 Project 123: Protected Disclosures

Project 124: Privacy and data protection

Project 125: Prescription periods

Project 126: Review of the Law of Evidence (Electronic Evidence in Criminal and Civil Proceedings: Admissibility and Related Issues)

Project 127: Review of administration orders

Project 130: Stalking 

Project 131: Trafficking In Persons

Project 134: Administration of Estates

Project 135: Review of the Witchcraft Suppression Act 3 of 1957 

Project 136: Multi-disciplinary legal practices

Project 137: The review of the expungement of certain Criminal Records

Project 138: The Practice of Ukutwala

 Project 141: Medico-legal Claims

Project 142: Investigation into Legal Fees

Project 143: Maternity and Paternity Benefits for Self-Employed Workers

 Project 144: Single Marriage Statute

Project 146: Review of Regulatory, Compliance and Reporting Burdens imposed on Local Government by Legislation


Updated: 2019.04.08