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  • Summary of criteria used when considering candidates for judicial appointment
    In addition to the criteria set out by the Judicial Service Commission, the SAC-IAWJ requires that a member of the Association who wishes to be nominated and or supported in her/his appointment to the High Court bench or to Act in the High Court should have the following qualities:
    • (S)he must be a member in good standing for at least one uninterrupted year.
    • (S)he must promote the aim and objectives of the Association actively by participating in the programmes/projects lead by the Association in the Province (s)he is resident and or working






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  • Newsflash 02/2014 - Annual membership payment to the International Association of Women Judges
  • Newsflash 01/2014 - The Canadian Chapter of the IAWJ is generously offering financial aid to cover registration costs for eligible IAWJ members for the 12th IAWJ Biennial International Conference in Arusha, Tanzania from May 5-9, 2014.