Deceased Estates - Appraisers

When property has to be valued in a deceased estate, it is normally done by an appraiser.

Appraisers are appointed for specific areas by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development in terms of section 6 of the Administration of Estates Act no. 66 of 1965. Appraisers are entitled to a reasonable remuneration which is determined by a prescribed tariff of fees. When there is a dispute regarding the correctness of the remuneration charged, the appraisers account must be submitted to the Master for taxation.

How do I become an Appraiser?

A person who intends to apply for an appointment as appraiser must take note of the following procedure:

  1. The applicant must submit an application, (in the form of Annexure A to Code Appraisers), personally to the Court Manager of the district in respect of which the appointment is required. (NOTE that an appraiser is only appointed for one district, namely the district in which he/she resides or pursues a career or carries on a business.)
  2. When a Court Manager receives such an application, he/she will satisfy himself/herself that the form is properly completed.
  3. The Court Manager will make a recommendation in respect of each applicant by completing paragraphs 19 to 21 of the application form.
  4. The application is then be submitted to National Office (Office of the Chief Master).
  5. The Court Manager will be notified of the results of applications by the Office of the Chief Master and, in respect of each successful applicant, the following will be sent to the Court Manager:
    • a certificate of appointment,
    • manual “Instructions to Appraisers” and
    • a form for the taking of an oath (as per Annexure E to Code Appraisers).
      After an oath in terms of the provisions of section 6(2) of the Act has been taken in the presence of the Court Manager, the certificate of appointment and the “Instructions to Appraisers” will be handed to the new appraiser.
  6. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified accordingly by the Court Manager.

    Note: The relevant forms can be obtained from the Court Manager of the District where you apply.

When is an Appraiser’s appointment withdrawn?

The appointment of an appraiser is withdrawn when

  1. he/she reaches 70 years of age, if the appointment as appraiser has not been withdrawn earlier due to other reasons.
    a. If the appraiser wishes to extend his/her appointment after reaching 70 years of age an application to this effect must be submitted timeously to the respective Court Manager.
  2. When an appraiser no longer resides or pursues a career or carries on a business in the district he/she has been appointed for:
    a. the Court Manager will grant the appraiser the opportunity to furnish reasons why the Minister shall not withdraw his/her appointment. The comments of the appraiser will be sent to National Office (Office of the Chief Master) for consideration.
  3. When an appraiser passes away, resigns, or for any other reasons which necessitates the termination of his/her appointment, National Office will be notified thereof, and his/her appointment will be withdrawn.

How do I, as Appraiser, apply for extension of appointment after reaching the age of 70 years?

Where an appraiser attains the age of 70 years, he/she may apply in writing to the Court Manager for an extension of his/her appointment. The application must indicate the following:

  1. If the applicant is still active and in good health.
  2. If the applicant is dependent on the financial benefits derived from estate valuations.
  3. The number of estate valuations performed by the applicant the previous year.
  4. If the applicant still resides or still pursues his/her career or carries on a business in the district he/she has been appointed for.

When such an application is received the Court Manager will forward it, as well as his/her recommendation, to National Office (Office of the Chief Master) for consideration.