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dojcd_fifa Back List of Courts List of Courts Back T he Government of South Africa is ready to successfully host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As the excitement builds at home and abroad the government’s Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster is ensuring that citizens, officials and visitors will be safe and protected by the law.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is responsible of administering criminal justice during these two major events. This entails providing adequate services during court appearances and ensuring that the justice system is not compromised.

The Department has a dedicated 2010 Project Office as its driving force for readiness. The Project Office is ensuring that even with the increased demand on services expected during the soccer tournaments, the goal of providing Access to Justice for All will remain a priority.

The Department is ensuring that Access to Justice for All during the 2009 and 2010 events will be boosted by:

  • Providing sufficient court infrastructure
  • Providing Interpreting and Language Services and
  • Justice Stakeholder Collaboration to provide enough skilled prosecutors, Legal Aid as well as Judges and Magistrates.

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Articles and Events:

  • 2010 Aug - Dedicated Courts Deliver Swift Justice, Justice Today 2010, Issue 3, p 4
  • 2010 Jul - Dedicated courts secure over 60 percent conviction rate; No rest for World Cup courts; 100 found guilty in WCup courts; SWC courts could continue; World Cup courts – it’s not the end: Justice Ministry; Special courts show the way; Elements of dedicated World Cup courts to remain
  • 2010 Jun - 2010 Courts Success; Swift justice for unlawful ticket possession
  • 2010 Mar - Administration of Justice

    The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) is ready to provide speedy and efficient Access to Justice for All during the 2010 FIFA World CupTM tournament in June. The FIFA World CupTM is a major sporting event, which attracts a large fan base across the globe. The South African Government, in particular, the DoJ&CD, has a constitutional obligation to ensure that the rights of all the people who are within the borders of the country are protected. This constitutional guarantee will be extended to the multitude of football fanatics, who are expected to come from the different corners of the world. The department has put in place mechanismsto promote Access to Justice for All to fulfil this significant mandate. The DoJ&CD in conjunction with other stakeholders of the Integrated Justice System, which include the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Legal Aid South Africa (LASA) and the Judiciary, developed a 2010 FIFA World CupTM Administration of Justice plan. This plan emphasises the hosting of a successful world cup tournament. It includes the following elements: the court infrastructure, staff, court administration and court security. To avoid disruption of the normal judicial services for the local citizens of South Africa, the Integrated Justice System committee has identified:

    • 54 dedicated court rooms to be used across all nine provinces,
    • 34 of which are in district courts
    • 20 are in regional courts.

    These court rooms will deal with all 2010 FIFA World CupTM related cases. These dedicated court rooms are in courts which are mainly in host cities and located closer to the stadiums and ports of entry.

  • 2010 Feb - FIFA 2010 Administration of Justice Blue Print
  • 2009 Nov - Minister assures of players’ safety in 2010;Justice displays the spirit of a winning nation
  • 2009 Nov -Special Courts for the 2010 World Cup
    An administration of justice framework was developed to deal speedily and effectively with incidents that are in conflict with the law during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Event. The experience from previous host countries indicated that the influx of foreign nationals in world cups increases criminal activities. Therefore, special measures should be put in place to process any criminal matters that may arise from big events such as the FIFA World Cup.

    A total of 56 courts have been identified in all Host Cities as special courts that will deal with World Cup Event related cases. Cases committed against or by foreigners will be given priority. The Department has set aside skilled and experienced court personnel such as Prosecutors, Magistrates and Attorneys from Legal Aid South Africa, who will deal efficiently and effectively with all cases arising from the event.

    The courts will operate two weeks before the event and two weeks after the event, that is, from 28 May 2010 to 25 July 2010. The court hours will be divided into two shifts as follows: 07h45- 16h15 (First Shift) and 16h15-23h00(Second shift).

    To create a legacy for the country, the Department spearheaded a programme to train volunteers who will give assistance in any identified court administration need. Thanks to the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) that funded this special programme to the value of R1million.

  • 2009 May - Justice to empower 2009 & 2010 volunteers


  • 2010 May - GG 33208, No 423: Announcement of dedicated courts for the hearing of alleged offences associated with the 2010 FIFA World Cup

A 2010 FIFA World Cup case is defined as follows:
Any offence-:

  1. committed by a non-resident *Supporter of the 2010 FWC and/or
  2. committed against a non-resident *Supporter of the 2010 FWC and/or
  3. to which a non resident is a witness and/or
  4. committed at a tourist attraction area or any other place in the country and in the opinion of the Senior Public Prosecutor given the time, place, nature and/ or publicity of the offence, should be classified as a 2010 FWC, 

Shall be classified as a 2010 FIFA World Cup case.

*Supporter means any of the following people: Foreign Government Representatives, FIFA delegates, Federations Representatives, Football Teams, Football Fans or any other person who is a participant in the 2010 FIFA World Cup event.