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Administration of Justice

Information from the SA Yearbook on the Administration of Justice, published by the GCIS.

Portfolio Committee

Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development in the National
All Portfolio Committees (National Assembly) process legislation and conduct oversight over the Departments mentioned in the title of the committee....more

Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Affairs Council of Provinces Committee (NCOP)

Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Affairs (NCOP); Justice & Constitutional Development, Safety & Security, Defence, Intelligence, & Correctional Service. All Select Committees (National Council of Provinces) also process legislation and conduct oversight. However they do so over more than one Department, as follows: Correctional Services, Defence and Military Veterans, Constitutional Development, Police)...more

PAIA Manual

Information on the Department's Access to Information (PAIA) manual...more


Vacancies in the Department per region....more
Follow this link for more information on Careers in Justice.

Ministerial Profiles

Contact details and CV's for the Minister and the Deputy Minister...more

Branches and Units

Follow this link to view a high level organogram of the Department...more


Information on the latest tenders/bids published, received and awarded by the Department; as well as information on supply chain management and supplier registration.


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