01 – 03 February 2012
St. Georges Conference Centre, Pretoria



On 6 December 2007, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (hereafter abbreviated as DOJ &CD) , together with government departments within the Justice Crime Prevention and Security Cluster launched the Service Charter for Victims of Crime, 2004 (which is also known as the Victims Charter) together with a National Five Year Implementation Plan 2007 – 2011.

The National Five Year Implementation Plan 2007 – 2011 on the Victims Charter (hereafter abbreviated as the NIP) was an important milestone in the work of an inter-departmental committee on the Victims Charter. The NIP reflected departments collective effort to ‘give life to the Victims Charter’.

As part of the work of the DOJ &CD for 2011-2012, a review of the NIP is to be undertaken during a national conference. The outcome of the conference is to present issues for consideration in terms of future implementation.

The review is undertaken within the current government programme on crime. The Justice Crime Prevention and Security Cluster (hereafter abbreviated as JCPS), specifically outcome 3 (All people in South Africa are and feel safe) informs the overall theme that is injected into the approach and methodology. One of the key indicators under outcome 3 that is relevant to the review is the Crime Victims Survey. The Survey will present findings on victims experiences of the criminal justice and in this regard, the review will focus on structural and programme implementation of the Victims Charter.



Details of the conference are presented below.

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Conference Aim and objectives

The overall aim of the conference is to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share their experiences and reflections on government’s implementation of the NIP and specifically projects that advance the Victims Charter. Specific objectives are to;

  • Present an overview of the Victims Charter, Victim Empowerment Programme and the NIP
  • Receive reports from stakeholders on implementation of the NIP and projects on the Victims Charter
  • Discuss proposals for future planning and strategic engagement on programmes on the Victims Charter


Target group

The conference will target stakeholders involved in victims of crime rights and issues. Included in this broad category are; NGOs and CBOs working with victims of crime, provincial and local governments and different statutory institutions and community stakeholders. 


Duration of conference and venue

The conference is planned for three (3) days.   Dates are 1 – 3 February 2012.
The conference venue is St George Hotel and Conference Centre, Pretoria, Gauteng.


Conference Stakeholders

The following stakeholders will participate in the conference;

a.) Internal Stakeholder: DOJ & CD including its Regions (provincial) divisions

b.) External Stakeholders

  • National Departments within the Criminal Justice system (CJS)
  • CJS Provincial Departments
  • Chapter Nine Institutions: the Commission on Gender Equality, the South African Human Rights Commission and the Public Protector, and
  • Non-Governmental and Community Based Organizations working with victims of crime, gender based violence and human rights issues

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Conference Outcomes

It is anticipated that the Conference will generate proposals on a new National Implementation on the Victims Charter. In addition, proposals will be generated on how to support the development of provincial implementation and the role of stakeholders in monitoring implementation.

A final conference report will be made available on the web site.


Conference Papers and Presentations

PDFAll papers/presentations are in PDF format


Day One: 1 Feb 2012




DAY 1: SUMMARY [317kb]


Day Two: 2 Feb 2012



DAY 2: SUMMARY [409kb]


Day Three: 3 Feb 2012