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Departmental Strategy

Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2020

mtsfThe Strategic Plan aims to elaborate on medium to long term policies and programmes that are to be implemented over a five-year planning period in the justice sphere. In particular it indicates the key performance indicators as well as what is aimed to be achieved through the spending of the allocated budget, for each entity reporting to their respective executive authorities. This information will therefore provide Parliament and the public with the necessary information to hold the justice sphere entities accountable against the outcomes set out in the MTSF.

Read the full document: Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2020 PDF [877kb, amended and updated on 17 March 2017].

Follow this link to read the Departmental Annual Performance Plan 2018-2019 PDF [2.82mb, amended and updated 13 December 2018].

VISION: Justice for all in South Africa.

MISSION: To administer an efficient and responsive justice system.


  • Goal 1: Optimisation of the use of people, processes and technology to meet service delivery and good governance requirements
    Invest in and develop people, processes and technology to ensure continued compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements and sustained public confidence.
  • Goal 2: People-centred justice services that are accessible, reliable and efficient
    Justice services which place victims, vulnerable persons and other court users at the centre of the justice system.
  • Goal 3: Corporatized, cost effective and integrated quality legal services to proactively protect the interest of the state
    A transformed and integrated state legal service is that offers quality, efficient and a cost effective service.
  • Goal 4: Promotion of constitutionalism, human rights and commitment to international legal relations
    Compliance by government departments with the Promotion of the Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) is substantially improved, citizens are better informed on how to exercise their constitutional rights, public engagement with relevant stakeholders, civil society organisations and community-based organisations is improved by public participatory forums and constitutional development is promoted.